Tuesday Question: Radio Free Saurfang

It would be nice, methinks, to one day open up a radio station for MMORPG players. For the dual purpose of giving players something to listen to while doing whatever they're doing online, and for giving an avenue for many WoW/MMORPG players, who are also musicians, a chance to get their stuff heard. Starting a netcast would be just the beginning of the journey though, you would have to have volunteer announcers, a pile of music you could play, inoffensive sponsors, and a vaguely recognisable format. All sort of co-ordinated from the houses of several people keen enough to broadcast around the clock. It would be rather like old timey pirate radio, but without the rusting ships, mountainous seas, or quirky English DJ's who lived in cramped, sometimes squalid conditions and secretly hated each others guts.

I am getting ahead of myself here, what I am really interested in is finding out what people are listening to right now, be it on Poutube, their portable device of choice, or just something they hear from time to time and would like to share. Do you make your own music as part of a band or solo performer? Here is your chance to share it, be it via anything vaguely Soundcloud like, also keen to hear any new things you have discovered recently too, some act or band that may turn out to be the Next Big Thing.

At the risk of sounding like the original Music Tragically Hipster, I will start by linking what is currently in high rotation at Torchsong Towers.

You may have heard this one, called Million Voices by some Swedish fellow named Otto Knows. Kind of played to death on the radio over Christmas period last year.

For those not into shameless "Me wub you long time" dubstep, may want to skip this one. From UK outfit Xilent, a rather excellent homage to the early days of video gaming called Boss Wave. I turned up for the song, but I stayed for the video, which has a great ending.

Going back a few years now, and whenever the urge to get some funk strikes, I turn to the amazing voice of Lyrics Born, with two of his best songs.
I Changed My Mind- http://youtu.be/oL4fG3TIMdc
I like It, I Love It- http://youtu.be/N9Wph7BnK78

OK, that's enough from me.
What are you listening to?
Long time watcher first time poster of the Tuesdays questions..

Personally I would love to see someone or group of people run a radio station for Saurfang, if im not mistaken, there are already stations out there for other servers / groups of people that play WoW.
Due to the fact not everyone listens to say.. rock, dub step, classical or metal.. it would have to have different time frames with a different style of music at different points during the day / night.

Enough about the non-existent radio station for now..
This might sound a bit strange coming from Shyteddy. but I listen to Metal, Rock and most of what was made 15-25 years ago give or take a few years..
On occasion some alternate is good.
Would like to hear what everyone else thinks about this and what they listen to.

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