Failbag Rewards In 5.2 - Thoughts?

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02/12/2013 06:43 PMPosted by Sorrów
pets and mounts
Is this the make up gift for DPS not getting any call to arms rewards?
If we could have some type of new coin, and then, when we reach an amount (like 30 for example, considering 1 coin per bag) we can trade these coins to an specific part of LFR tier, mounts, harmonys, valor points, etc, would be much better.
3 weeks in a row now I run 3 lvl 90s through LFR's and get nothing but bags of 29g off every boss every time so my question is blizz going to put stats on the bags of gold and make them equipable because this is getting ridiculous. The RNG system causing me to get crappy bags of gold is making my personal RNG participation in said LFRs dwindle to the point of me standing around auto attacking even on caster toons....
The failbags don't bother me at all.

What does bother me is getting an item, using a charm for an extra roll, & .... getting a duplicate of that exact same item.
I like the changes!

I know people get jumped on for saying this, but honestly the bag of gold felt kind of insulting. I could get a bag from running a scenario, and it would have the chance for a random blue or even a very small chance for an epic. Twice that amount of gold from doing the daily dungeon. So, the bag of gold from a raid boss was very anticlimactic. Boring. I'd actually said to my husband that it would have been more acceptable if they had just had random weird greys worth gold, like what you can get in blingtron gift packages.

Thank you, blizzard, for listening to feedback and making the bags more interesting, so that going through LFR doesn't leave you at the end with a feeling of disappointment and 'well, that was a waste of time.'

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