[A] 8/16 10man recruiting for core group

<Melts in Your Mouth> is a smaller, laid back progression guild that consists mostly of real life friends. We are all experienced players that have done Heroic contend in prior expansions, and have recently started raiding this expansion. We are all geared and trying to find more experienced raiders to fit our 10man group, so we can raid come 5.2. We have been successfully pugging current content with success, just looking for a few more to fill our ranks.

What we are looking for:

1 Healer - Disc Priest

Raid Days/Times:

Tuesday - 9pm-12am pst (Server Time)
Wednesday - 9pm-12am pst (Server Time)
Sunday - 9pm-12am pst (Server Time)
Bump for a bomb !@# Disc Priest!!!

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