ilvl 485 9/16 DPS looking for new raid group

Currently looking for a spot with a raid group raiding two nights a week. My available nights are Monday - Thursday from 6:00 CST to 12:00 CST. Due to family obligations on the weekends, I am not available on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I am currently 9/16 on regular 10-man and 16/16 on raid finder, with a current gear ilevel of 485.

I am a 36 year old, dependable player that is not a student and does not have a rotating schedule of any sort. If raid time falls within my availability I will be there on time or else let someone know I will be late. I have been playing/raiding since Burning Crusade, so I am not new to raiding.

Usually on my main Darkpippi.
Contact me on Skillganon or Bickdag ingame, I'll be on this evening.
Hello, I am interested in talking to you about a possible guild invite you may either contact me on this toon or add my battletag Zeedeevel7#1359

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