Whats the Best Race for Enchancement Shaman!!

Im gonna start a enhancement shaman soon,and im confused as wat race is best on alliance for a enhancement shaman!! can someone help :D thanks!
panda gives most DPS assuming you don't die and eat good food

they also look the best
Orc gives most DPS assuming you don't die and eat good foodthey also look the best

no one cares about horde
I chose Dranei for pvp due to the 20% heal. Burst being the way it is right now, the 20% helps macro'd in with my defensive CD's and healing
I did like gift macroed into shamanistic rage for pvp, but pandas are #1 cute
As Chillbros said, good food and not dying make pandas the best for dps. Dwarves have the best survivability thanks to Stormform, while us Draenei have an extra free heal, plus we have that backside sway. Mmm, dat sway.

No, I'm not a creep. Okay, maybe just a little. -_-

Bottom line, unless you're pushing for some hardcore progression shiz where min/maxing with racials is necessary, go with what race you dig.
orc>dwarf>troll=octohead - pvp *Orc racials just to good for pvp imo*

watevaulike - pve *dwarf prolly the worst for pve id imagine*
Roll Orc so I can dispatch your filthy green head from your body.
orc or troll hands down
Human Mage

Beserking + scoliosis = op combo
Cow shams ftw. Nothing like being so powerjacked you dont fit through doorways.. How can you beat that!
enhance = ORC

Best melee animations.
Most sex appeal

I like trolls as resto or Ele
zug zug
people's reading comprehension in this thread is breathtaking
02/12/2013 09:56 PMPosted by Lildethnite
wat race is best on alliance

For impatient people

also, pandaren for raiding/anything where you eat. if you're not going to be well fed a lot, then draenei for hit and heal

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