How does Garalon compare to the rest of HoF?

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After we got past Garalon which took about 2 weeks of wiping. We cleared the rest of HoF in a week.
Garalon's just a hard DPS check, which can reveal some deeply-ingrained habits in your raiders if you consistently fail to meet it, even with a proper setup.

That said, we struggled a lot on Amber Shaper because 1) mods were screwing up the action button placement and 2) you only get to practice being a construct a few minutes into the fight, and even then, you're not guaranteed to be transformed. Pressing the buttons correctly might only take 2-3 occasions, but when those occasions are spread out over many minutes to maybe even a whole raid lockout, the learning is slow.

It's like trying to learn how to fry an egg, except you're only allowed to do it once a week, and if you fail, your house blows up.
For those wishing a way to practice certain mechanics, there IS a perfect way......its called LFR.

Want to learn how to drive the construct on Ambershaper? practice in LFR
Want to learn how to dodge Tornadoes? practice in LFR
Want to learn how to dodge Attennuation? practice in LFR

Just because the mechanics in LFR are basically meaningless, it doesn't mean that they can't be used as a training tool.

LFR also lets you test out if any UI mods you have interfere with the construct UI.

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