{H} <The Sacrilege> is recruiting for 5.2!

Bleeding Hollow
<The Sacrilege> is a 10 man guild that's currently looking for 3-4 more raiders to add to our roster to give us more flexibility. We're in need of 2 dps and 1-2 more healers. We'd prefer to pick up a mage/lock and disc priest/resto shaman.

Any other players should inquire as it's not 100% necessary to gain these specific classes, mainly just filling out the roster with these roles is what we want. Interested people should also be around 480 ilvl as we're looking to go hard on 5.2 content!

We raid Wednesday, friday and Sunday 9-12. We often use Sunday nights to clear farm content and as such it's not 100% mandatory.

Please add Krazzle#1531 on battle tag or contact me in game on this character, Crazztastic or Cerash.

Looking forward to talking with you all :D

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