Completed daily quests reset every day/week?

So, I was at my valor cap. I did a couple sets of dailies, but didn't turn them in, since I was at the cap.

I log in today, and all the completed dailies were wiped from my log!
My understanding is that the level-90 randomized dailies are wiped from your log if you have not turned them by the time the next set is generated.

This is different from how the old level-70 and 80 dailies were not randomized and did not reset.
I've noticed this too, I've been doing the Golden Lotus dailies for the cache at the end and the chances of getting a skyshard. Last night I got to the last two quests when my raid started, our raid finishes at midnight so I didn't have time afterwards - so while the lesser charms/valour is useful, it's incredibly frustrating to have to do them all again for a chance at a skyshard today.

What's strange is that when I was working on the Dark Skies achievement for the Klaxxi, I was able to keep that quest in my log for over a week, and hunt for the rare spawns without the quest vanishing from my log.

By handing in the quests a day late, we're already sacrificing a days worth of dailies - is it necessary for our time to be wasted too? Couldn't this be solved with phasing?

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