Please remove AV from the CTA.

And fix the banlist so I never have to run this thing again.


To give a slightly more in depth impression of the misery that is hordeside AV currently, the most obvious issue is the wild imbalance in the ability to defend the towers. One of the flagrooms is more like a closet, with one small way in and no line of site to it, making it impossible to defend until the defender has spent the better part of a minute getting right up to the grill of the assailant. The other is a sprawling, ranged defender's wet dream which can literally be defended within 10 seconds of entry by ranged attack, demanding actual control of the point rather than just the ability to abuse LoS while you watch the countdown.

I'll admit this thing was fun when there was nothing else to compare to. However, getting out of such a ridiculously fun and apparently balanced CTA as silvershard and getting pinched off in this balance nightmare of a piece of content is loathsome.

Just disable it from CTA if you aren't going to fix it.

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