498 R/Ele Shaman LF 10m Weeknight Raid group

I'm looking to possibly transfer to Arthas. I'm currently 16/16 normal, 6/6H MSV, 1/6H HOF(Imperial Vizier), 1/6H ToES(Lei Shi)

I cannot Raid more then 3 nights a week. 8:30- 1 am are the times I can Raid, with a max of 3 1/2 hours per night.

I am a very dependable player, I always research my class/ fights and try to better myself all the time, and I very rarely miss a raid. I had 100% attendance in my last raid group.
I'm good at elemental but I preffer healing within a group mostly and being a possible backup for dps or when fight mechanics require it.

Looking for a group with equal/greater progression.
I'd like for my transfer to be paid for if possible.

Anyone interested can inquire more by adding Spacegote#1946(battletag) or whisper/mailing me on cho'gall.

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