Glyph of Arcane power....

The topic is this glyph. As much as it is a major glyph for arcane, but is it worth it? I am not entirely sure adding in 100% cd time just for an extra 15sec which i still have to scorchweave to keep mana up (currently live).

My point is, is the glypgh actually a substantial dps increase if you are using it, or decrease if you are not, or is it the same dps...understandably Icy Veins (link below) says that it is a situational glyph, it then talks about 4min fights with the glyph and vice versa which kind of confuses me considering its saying that its better to have it glyphed on a 4min fight for 30sec uptime than 45.....what the?

Granted fights that have burst phases (Will, Heroic Windlord, H Dogs, H Garaj (going in and out of totems) and some parts of elegon and it explains it clearly on that its useful without. I am more wondering about the other fights. And mana management issues. What is the general mage communities opinion?
glyph is good for haste builds, bad for mastery
On a 4 minute fight the uptime is 60s vs 45s, essentially any fight where the number of unglyphed AP you can use is an odd number you should have higher uptime with it glyphed.

If i played IW i would consider glyphing it since you can pair a 30s burn with an evocate though not evocating at 2mins is probaly too expensive a cost.

I like the idea of fully synced buffs and AT and Images are at 3minutes as is my berserking so I always feel like the ap by itself is not as satisfying but I dont think it is very reliable to sustain that long a burst period in general so non-glyphed seems to work better on mana management.

I believe at the end of teh day it is considered situational because you trade off a single prolonged burst for a larger gap between burst periods and a longer recovery time for your mana which impacts on overall dps.
Thanks for the replies. So in overall, the longer the gap between bursts is a dps lose. How much of a loss in terms of % wise? We talking 1-2% or 5-10%?
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glyph is good for haste builds, bad for mastery

Can you elaborate on this comment - why?
Most fights it is only possible to use 3 minute cooldowns twice, unless you have low raid dps. You can also use pots only twice during the fight. A potion is 25 seconds, a glyphed Arcane Power is 30 seconds, you can get about 20 seconds of your trinket procs if you use alter time correctly and time warp lasts 40 seconds. All of these HUGE damage increases are in the ballpark of 20+ seconds, so they are wasted, imho with an unglyphed Arcane Power. Lust gives you more mana back, and minor glyphed mana gem can make up the difference. Also troll berserker is a 3 minute cool down which is convenient. Berserker is ungodly OP for arcane mage, I strongly suggest you race change.

Am I right or not? I don't know. Fellow ranking mages on Illidan, Aantu, Coachmcguirk seem to agree with me. Others, Ataxus, Modoshi don't. Logoz doesn't have an arcane spec atm. Really I don't think that gylph will make or break you.

Trekie... haste increases mana regen. The main argument opposing arcane power glyph is that it drains your mana too much over a course of 30 seconds, which is much more negated if you are a haste build.
Heisenberg, thanks for your post. I guess I'm more interested in the mastery=bad comment. I know it's likely not as good for a mastery build - but I don't think bad is anywhere near the right response. I mana gem during my Arcane Power that gets me a few more arcane blast and granted I don't necessary get the full value as I do have to scorch some - but I likely need to scorch during an un-glyphed Arcane Power. I just think the glyph makes sense as it ties nicely with Alter Time. Most raid fights are 6min ish so you may get 3 uses (one right at the start)
Glyph is situational. Good on fights you can't reliably use CDs every 90s (vizier heroic), phases with increased damage (wind lord, heroic amber shaper), bad for fights with frequent mechanics that make you stop dpsing (heroic blade lord).

Default to no glyph because after your procs expire the extra 10-15s are just burning through your mana.

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