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Hey there! We are currently looking for two raiders to fill out our roster moving forward into 5.2. We are a casual, laid back 10-man raiding guild. Raids are Tuesday & Thursday 8:00pm to 10:00pm Server or sometimes shortly afterwards. Our core group is primarily made up of RL friends & family, and the guild atmosphere is very fun and well-rounded. We're aiming to get back on track with our fast-paced progression curve pre-MoP and get back into heroic raiding. We are currently looking for any of the following: Tank (War/DK), Healer (Shaman/Monk/Druid) and/or DPS (Shaman/Hunter/Warlock/DK/Rogue/Paladin)

Applicants must meet the following requirements:-First and foremost must have a fun, laid back attitude, as well as be able to raid with a fast-paced team that emphasizes efficiency.-Must take initiative in knowing your class, spec, rotation etc, as well as boss fights (this should be a given). Do you own research! - ***MUST be able to make both raid nights consistantly with near perfect attendance***. This is mandatory as we maintain a tight knit core of 11 raiders so everyone is consistantly raiding.

If you are interested in applying please contact me in game or on realID Mïgz (alt + 139 for ï) or Zäynah (alt + 132).

real ID: jgordon147@hotmail.com

Thank you for your consideration!
Still looking for raiders, remember this is a focus for 5.2, if you're looking for a casual, progression oriented and efficient guild please contact us.
hey- can you guys use a Hpally/ret and a Rshammy for your raid team??
If you can add me on Btag- Deathstar#1608- ty

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