LF arena partner SPECIFICALLY for practice

Yah don't have to have high xp or anything -don't even need skype/vent- but I'm looking for someone with gear and who doesn't mind doing arena's for practice since there are no skirmishes anymore. I would prefer a healer though but am open to anything at the moment.

I have a set of keybinds that I rarely ever get to practice on this monk and I'd like to use the next several weeks to learn everything (bunch of arena123 macros). So, to answer your question, that's what I'm practicing mostly.

I believe 2v2 will be sufficient to practice with but 3v3 will work too if I have multiple people willing to roll (2 healers + me dps would give me the most bang for my buck in practice I think). Again, the intent isn't to win games but to practice spells, binds, new stuff when patch hits, macros, addons, ... yah know the whole arena setup really.

Please let me know if you're interested. I play in the afternoons normally and am a mellow headed guy.
Look for me in game as Lazyllama, I just leveled the priest and have barely any gear on him. Played him as shadow in the Cata timeframe to 2200+ but have been out of practice on him and plan on playing him disc next season. Could definitely use the practice. Ill add you to friends I am just not sure if the time schedule will match.
Sweet! I'll add you.

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