Holy Paladin...old timer back...lf raid group

I quit back in 2007 after playing since release but now with a year and a half off between college and graduate school I'm looking to play again. Hoping to find a group of quality players to raid and pvp with. I've been gone so long that most of the people I played with have moved on so I'm stuck here starting at square one when it comes to knowing people.

Some info about me. I've participated in a number of full clears of MC BWL AQ and Nax back in the day as my class leader. I plan on playing a Holy Paladin (I enjoyed the healing role of this class) with Ret as my off spec for PvP fun, and I have a mic. I also live on the west coast so raiding with a PST in mind would be nice.

I just started this character about a week and half ago so I my gear right now is not the best, (I think my average is like 460?) but I'm working to change that...lol

I'm also currently on blackrock but if I can find a group to play with I will switch server...this server is pretty much dead for alliance raiding and Proudmoore was suggested to me

Battle Tag is Matt#1611
Hello Foosy, my guild Continental Types has just transferred to Proudmoore and we are looking for new raiders. We have been in existence since 2009, and I too have played since '05. In fact, I still remember when the game didn't have rain effects and the first Hallows End event was added :P. Anyhow, please check out my official recruitment post for a bit more back-story. Thank you for your time, and best of luck in your search.

Hey Foosy. We are currently recruiting for a full time exp'd holy paladin for our 10m raid spot. We currently are 8/16 normal and 1/16 heroic however we should be further in progression at least full normal clear but due a 5 month content late start and to a recent accident causing our holy paladin to no longer raid. We plan on pushing hard in 5.2 full heroics hopefully before T16 (our current raiders are capable) .

Raid times are Mon/Tues/Thurs 9:30-12 Central time with a possible wednesday being added in 5.2. If you are intrested plz contact me through real ID at culinarychef101@hotmail.com and we can go from there.
Hi Foosy

Our guild is looking for a few raiders. We got a late start in the raiding in Mists and we are 6/6MV and 1/6 for HoF. We are progression oriented and looking for a couple people to raid either every weekend Friday and Saturday 6-9 server time or to raid part time and switch off with other part time raiders. Our goal is to quickly get through a few more MoP bosses till everyone is 490 and move on to Thunder. Either way if you are interested, you can check us out and post at strangelyironic.freeforums.org

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