[A] Prestigious 10m 3/13 HM | Holy Paladin

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Prestigious is an Australian-based 10 player raiding guild located on Frostmourne, Alliance. We aim to provide a friendly, approachable atmosphere for all of our members while working towards clearing heroic mode content.



We are recruiting the following classes for immediate core positions:

  • Paladin - Holy


Raiding Schedule

  • Days: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM.
  • Zone: GMT+10.



Applicants must be able to:

  • Adjust to a new raiding schedule during daylight savings time (8:00 PM to 11:00 PM GMT+11).
  • Raid without disruption from Internet connection issues and external disturbances.
  • Maintain high attendance and attend on a Monday night when it is necessary.
  • Competently play all specialisations for their role.



  • Tier 15: 3/13 10 Player Heroic.
  • Tier 14: 7/16 10 Player Heroic.


Additional Information

  • Voice: TeamSpeak 3 is used for communication.
  • Loot Distribution: Loot is distributed using EPGP. Loot Council has the final say on all matters.
  • Guild Vault: The guild vault provides banquets, enchantments, flasks, potions and repairs.
  • Social: All guild ranks can invite social players to the guild. The only requirement is that you know the player that you are inviting.


Apply by visiting http://prestigious-guild.com and clicking on the "Apply" button. No registration is required. Applications are only visible to current raiding members.

Alternatively contact Agaqt, Sixthly (Sixthly#6236) or Timdìng in-game.
I'd like to say that upon reading all of that. You should definitely app. BUMP.
Yip yip.
Gomu Gomu no Application!
Applications are guild talk for I love you.
Recruitment has been updated:

  • 1x Tank (Monk/Warrior)
Recruitment has been updated:

  • 1x Tank (Monk/Warrior)
  • 1x Damage Dealer (Mage)
Still looking for an exceptional tank.
I can't wait until I get my kite mount.
Wait, you dont have a kite yet?
Recruitment has been updated:

  • 1x Damage Dealer (Druid/Monk/Rogue/Shaman)
02/18/2013 03:28 PMPosted by Sliippy
Wait, you dont have a kite yet?

Still working on it.

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