Is lowbie pvp broken?

Is it me or do priest,druid,shaman classes beat the poop out of everyone else? I know I'm new to this game but when it takes five or six people to take down 1 priest then something is wrong. I expect more from a multibillion dollar game. I'm still here but when I find a decently balanced open world pvp game with battlegrounds and ranking system then I'm gone.

Any ideas on a MMORPG that has what I'm looking for?
Having leveled my rouge thus far with mostly BGs in 5.1. I can attest to the following:

10-19 - Healers, especially monks and priests, are Gods. They cannot be killed unless they want to die.

20-29 - Not quite Gods, but almost

30-69 - Rogue Food

70-74 - Res gear makes healers Gods again. Hunters are crazy as well

75-79 - Whoever has the most Cata gear wins
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10-19 - Healers, especially monks and priests, are Gods. They cannot be killed unless they want to die.

Unlike us healing druids, they actually have to cast in the lower brackets, and are susceptible to counterspell. Provided you have a mage on hand, they'll drop very quickly.

Hammer of justice is no longer learned in ranks, and lasts for a full six seconds, starting at level ten. One of the better ways to kill a healer, seeing as how the odd one that does carry a PvP trinket is restricted by the five minute CD.
I hope Blizz addresses this. Its a shame to alienate new players with the state of lowbie pvp.

Although this does not address class imbalance, it should even out the gear issues:

•Players in low-level Battlegrounds will have their effective level raised to the maximum level allowed in that Battleground bracket. Players' base stats and spells are scaled accordingly, and are treated as the same level when determining hits, misses, and critical effect chance.
02/12/2013 11:41 AMPosted by Boudecca
and critical effect chance.

Oh dear, i'm not looking forward to that.
Not only is lower bracket pvp broken but after witnessing a completely automated group running around Warsong Gulch in heirlooms,honor point gear and enchanted all to the moons. Its way beyond being a severe deterrence to playing pvp. You can claim it doesnt happen and its not possible all you want but when 2 monks 2 priests and a mage simultaneously go up a hill they cant climb because its straight up in the air all at once and simultaneously turn towards a stealthed rogue because it sapped another character.....yea things are pretty bad in the lower brackets.
I could be wrong but...

The changes dont address gear discrepancies. What I believe its saying is that when you enter a bg as a lvl 31, the game will see you as a level 34. You will have the base stats, hit table, etc of a lvl 34 toon, even tho you are only 31. Whatever gear you happen to have on will stay the same.

Im not sure how this will affect BoAs since their stats grow as you level. But if you are wearing a set of blue lvl 31 bracers with +8int and +8spirit, those stats will remain static, and not change. There will still be gear differences...but all toons will be "seen" by the game as the same other words, to the game...there wont be anything but X4's and X9's anymore.

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