Halaa Heartbreaker World PvP Event

Let's celebrate this Valentine's Day with a Horde vs. Alliance battle in Halaa. You can also earn tokens from killing enemies which let you purchase Talbuk mounts.

When: Feb 14th (Valentine's Day) at 6:30 ST (Blackrock ST)
Where: Halaa (Nagrand)
What: Horde vs. Alliance world PvP event; get mounts; celebrate Valentine's DayHope to see you all there.

Spread the news! It's cross realm. Players have been invited from Boulderfist, Darkspear, Mug'thol, and Blackrock.
Bump, let's see about getting this going!
One more day until this event!

You can make your own way to Halaa or travel with a raid. We will have to form raids on both alliance and horde and have mage portals to Shattrah set up outside SW and Org. Hopefully there will be summoning stones up in Halaa as well.

If you're on the calendar list you will receive an invite to a raid. As well, notices will be sent out just before the event to gather as many people as possible. Message for an invite to one of the raids or go to Halaa and ask to join a raid once you're there.

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