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If you could be part of a guild that consisted solely of one race, one class and one spec, what would it be?

For example:

An all assassination-specced goblin rogue guild.
An all dwarf protection warrior guild.
An all blood elf arcane mage guild (overdone).

etc ..
All night elf resto druid guild, going around trying to undo the damage civilized society has done while tromping and pooping and warring recklessly all over azeroth.

Night elves feel most appropriate because of all the druid races they are the most long-lived, and much of the troubles that plague Azeroth might be seen as temporary nuisances that take a back seat to the long-term destruction of the land.
As much as I think a single race is kind of xenophobic, I kind of agree with Night elves. However a one class one spec only guild would be hard to level and keep going. You need tanks, healers and damage dealers to be a well rounded organisation.

Not to mention it would be very boring. Everyone would be the same and you would not have enough variety.
Male boodelf priests and paladins... but only on moonguard.
Pandaren monks for the win. They can tank, heal, and DPS. And we are fluffy.

Mistweavers, of course.
Pandarens? Get real!

Human protection paladins. Five of them running through an instance kicking butt, healing each other, and taking names. Oh, yeah!!
troll prot warriors
I am in a one race clan - server transferred to join it and never dreamed I would end up leading it. It is what I was looking for since I first rolled this first character back in vanilla.

One class? Once upon a time, back in vanilla when warriors were held in contempt by many players in other classes, I was noobish enough that I wanted to create an all warrior guild like the Irish Red Branch, or the Jomsvikings or Ulfhednar of more than a thousand years ago. Bloodfury Clan is close enough, AND we have heals, so I am more than content with this MUCH better idea.

One race AND one class though, as the OP asked? I have thought about it. Discussed it and had a working model in place but most of the interested parties left in Cata.

Druids. Worgen.

Stealth, (do druids still have tracking?) flight form, tanks, dps, heals, primal savagery.

Druids. Worgen.

Hands down. If I had the time, I certainly would do this.

Ahh, edited because I missed the spec. requirement.

Worgen, druid, feral.

I am going by how druids functioned back in the day. Heals were good enough, and the fights were short and vicious.
Pandaren monks for the win. They can tank, heal, and DPS. And we are fluffy.

Mistweavers, of course.

You are the new DKs, except skinned as a plush toys.
Human Demo Locks

There would be so many demons running around it would be crazy.

We would call ourselves The Burning Crusade
All Druids or Paladins, and a race that can play those classes.


So I can actually raid -.-
I could get behind an all-troll Ele Shaman/Afflction Lock guild. Witch Doctor conglomerate FTW!
All dwarf fury warrior XD
Obviously the only classes viable for such a guild would be monks, druids, and paladins. Maybe DKs in a pinch, but healing wouldn't be very reliable.

That said, it would be interesting to have a guild that respresents the idea of certain organizations we see in-game. For the Blood Elves perhaps an all paladin or hunter guild to 'be' the Blood Knights or Farstriders, respectively.

Similar things could be done with just about any race, it would add a lot to have player representations of those organizations, make it more real.
No. It's all one spec, so it doesn't exactly matter what class it is. You couldn't raid anyway.
Retribution Pallies
end of story

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