What is the biggest tameable pet in wow?

02/13/2013 08:55 AMPosted by Yuyn
Oh, if it should be height you want as opposed to mass, BC-style waters triders are probably the tallest pets in the game.

I think the jormungandr worms are actually taller. They're about 20-30% taller than a Pandaren (which aren't exactly short themselves!), at 90. The fen striders are definitely fairly close, though.

I always forget about those things...
For some reason in my head I always think moths are the biggest. Probably because when I'm moving or flying the moth tends to cover the screen...really annoying.
I got the green maggot before they removed them as a tameable creature, and it was awesome how HUGE this thing stayed! But one day after patch I logged on and he was very small... I was so mad :(

So how are we supposed to capture Cida if he cross-realm disappears before you land? Trying to catch a Minfernal is bad enough, but to SEE this wasp as you fly in only to have it disappear because you crossed some imaginary zone is just cruel!!! Stupid CRZ $%^@#^%$#@*(#%$!!!!
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Please stop the zombie thread apocalypse.
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