Post will be blank for a bit while I wait and see how things pan out, sorry!
Hey Crab,

I will likely be in need of a new shield tank for prog. Come have a chat to me ingame.

R.I.P Crab. Forever in my heart. <3
Still looking ^^

R.I.P Crab. Forever in my heart. <3
ILY nib

Sent you mail Kaly.
<Inception>Frostmourne Alli 11/16 hm 16/16 10 man is currently Looking for a decent geared/exp Tank (druid,war or dk) and a mage/boomkin to join our core team for the remainder this teir and moving into 5.2, We raid Wed/thurs/sun/mon 7:30-10:30 Svt.
If ur interested plz send me a tell via ingame mail or on my rela id solarinto@hotmail.com kthx
Koony already contacted you ingame I think, but I'd like to reiterate our interest. ;)

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