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I am a newer player with a L60 Paladin and really would like someone to help me setup my character better and to not get killed so much. Any advice would be really appreciated.

I am trying to figure out what is the best rotation to maximize my DPS. Also is my gear ok, I think I have the best gear I can find. Just have done some dungeons and mostly leveling. I have having a great time, but as I get higher I need some additional guidance and have maxed out the read only WOWwiki and WOWHead sites and this forum.

Thanks for a review.
Do you have a Ret equipment set? You're wearing mostly tanking gear in your armory (and an Int weapon). That shouldn't really be a big deal while leveling, but you should be using a two-hander at all times when Ret. Your rotation is priority-based, but leveling up things will generally die very quickly so focus mainly on generating Holy Power to use Templar's Verdict or Divine Storm. Generally, on single targets, pull with Judgment, use Crusader Strike and Exorcism, then Templar's Verdict (I think you have the passive at 60 where those generate HP?). Multi-target, same thing except swap Crusader Strike for Hammer of the Righteous and Templar's Verdict for Divine Storm. Divine Storm does Holy damage and bypasses armor, making it superior to TV with as few as 2 targets. I also can't remember what level you get the passive ability that gives you 2 extra max holy power, but generally once you get that, use TV at 5 stacks rather than 3 (it works out that you can use it more often that way).

As for dying all the time, not really sure what is going on there. Your talents look fine, maybe swap Long Arm for Pursuit of Justice. Selfless Healer is really handy for free instant cast Flash of Light (which you should use along with Word of Glory for selfhealing). Are you overpulling or something? Where are you getting killed, questing, dungeons, PVP? If you find yourself swarmed, you can switch seals to Seal of Insight to regen health on hit (this is very effective for AOE pulling). Otherwise, you should always use Seal of Truth.

Quick comment about gear, do not use any gear with Int or Agi on it - these stats provide no benefit to Ret. Go all Strength. While leveling in Burning Crusade areas, you will probably run into some plate with Str/Agi, Str/Int, or maybe even all three. These are ancient items designed when Agi provided critical hit chance to plate wearers and Int was actually used by Ret to increase our mana pool (at one point, we actually wanted gear with all three stats AND spell power). They don't anymore, but the gear will likely have enough Strength to make up for it. And of course, stamina is good, but you want to get your Str and Attack Power as high as possible to kill things fast. Don't forget to use offensive and defensive cooldowns when the situation calls for it.

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