ICC 10 Achieve Run! - Horde - Sisters of Elun

I hope this is the right place to post this but here goes:

So, after taking a break during Cataclysm from WoW and working my way into Pandaria, I decided to look for a group to get the Frostwyrm mount from ICC. I've been having trouble finding a group so I thought maybe the forums can help.

Pretty much I can't find a simple 5-man group to run through ICC. If you could come anytime this week around 10 or 11 pm server time, please post below. We will try to get as many achievements as possible and then maybe run again next week.

I've been told to solo it before but as a Death Knight, I may have troubles with some bosses...
Thanks for your time. Contact me on this thread or on Zozoas on Sisters of Elune.

Edit: Also this mount has very important Role-Playing values for me. It is also the coolest mount ever.
To the best of my knowledge most of ICC is fairly easy to solo, with the exception of the dreamweaver fight where you have to heal them to full.
Hey, i need the mount as well ill join ya:) Oceano#1157

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