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Is it me or do Holy Paladins feel like something is missing, my raid team is downing bosses and we are working on Heart of Fear now.

Our healing team is Holy paladin, Disc Priest, Holy Priest.

The priests that I am running with have raid cool downs for high incoming raid damage, that just about negates most of it, and as a holy paladin I don't really have anything atleast for magic damage that I can use.

Example would be force and Verve

As for AOE healing I have my flash light(LoD) and HR (Holy Radiance) which are nice and everything but don't seem to be getting the job done very well and it seems like I am praying that I get a 3 or 4 proc from Divine Purpose just to feel like it is doing something.

I have been trying to keep my mastery up for Illuminated Healing, but with 8k hits and 14k crits with HR Illuminated Healing doesn't do much. My single target healing I feel is really good right now. I don't have any issues keep the tanks alive, but my impression was the holy paladins were not in the tank healing nitch anymore.

Since I only heal with Priests right now they are the only thing I have to compare to right now. I feel that if the disc priest were to die we might as well call it a wipe and start over because as of right now I don't feel like I could pick up the slack with a healer down.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I would like to think I have a good understanding of my class and spec.

Last raid logs

Devotion Aura is meh, but it's there. AW+GoAK is a pretty decent 'raid CD'.

I question your choice of Holy Prism and your glyphs, but if it's working for you, then whatever. I'd probably at least take Light's Hammer, although keeping in mind it's a 1m CD.

You have pieces of gear that have too much haste. Haste is dead right now. You should be stacking mastery, our strongest stat. Mastery is getting you more absorbs while haste is just running you out of mana faster. You are also gemming haste, stop it. I'd actually put haste lower than crit.. although you shouldn't be gemming or reforging for either of those 2 stats, right now anyway.

Read the Holy sticky. Looking at your gear, I think things have changed since the last time you researched your spec. Your stat priorities are incorrect. Once you adjust some numbers you should see better results. You didn't say anything about your regen, so I assume that's good.

Again, read the sticky. I could literally copy/paste from there, but then what would be the point of the stickies? ;x

I've only healed with Disc in LFR, so I can't really comment too much on that. From what I have seen though, a good one will rolfstomp me in absorbs. But then again, they are probably actually trying <_<
Seconding Light's Hammer for that fight. You can set it between the two closer bubbles and, if you're lucky on spawn location, hit all three. It will tick over the duration and heal more of your raid members. Place it right before F&V comes out so that you can concentrate healing on top of it. Pop a CD if you need to but, try to save and rotate out your CDs. If your group goes through a few F&V before new platform, holy avenger is a good burst CD as well. In addition, watch boss timers to have an idea of when F&V will happen next so you can roll Eternal Flame on as many raid members as possible and store up Holy Power. You can Hand of Protection x2 people dropping low on health with the talent. HoP also works for attenuation.

Mastery>haste! If your casts feel slow, remember that you get a speedy cast after holy shock. Use it and divine favour to your advantage.

A good disc priest will beat you in HPS if there is 1) not much damage going out or 2) precise burst damage that they can time spirit shell around.
Vlada is dead on in terms of Haste. At your gear level priority should be Spirit(till comfortable)>Intell>Mastery>Crit > Haste. That includes gemming and reforging.

Another thing you might wanna consider is changing from Sacred Shield to Eternal Flame. It is a different kind of play style that takes some getting used to, but EF gives a decent initial heal followed by a HoT that transfers to your beacon. It's pretty kick !@#. Using your Holy Power on EF instead of LoD seems to be the way to go, at least in 10 man raiding.

Lastly, as Vlada mentioned, do some more research and use some of the online sources. Askmrrobot.com, Icy Veins, MMO-Champion/forums are all good sources to look at. Dont take everything you read as gospel, just gleen info that will help your play style and level of raiding. Looking at what HPallys does in a world top 25 guild probably wont help you much.

Good Luck!

P.S.- I didnt see Hand of Sacrifice in your logs anywhere, but I only glanced at them. That's another powerful tool in the toolbox. Use it!
I was going with the haste to get my cast times alot lower since 2.0 seconds kills me. as for low cast time with the holy shock, I thought that was only on crit.

I will redo someone of my reforging and gemming, and try out the mastery.

I tried the EF but I prefer sacred shield with word of glory.

As for the Glyphs I changed them up for Garalon and just haven't flipped them back since we will be attempting him again tonight.

Ill try out the reforging and gemming tonight and see if it makes a difference.
I won't deny that it took a bit to get used to the slow casts. I think I had my heals down to 1.8s~ in Cata.

Now when you heal, it's good to try to 'preheal'. As in, recognize where the damage is coming from and how much it is going to be. 'Plan' healing accordingly. As healers, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Your non instants should already be casting when the damage hits.

It also helps to develop your psychic abilities.

There is no spoon.
It does, through infusion of light passive. Your holy shock should crit often unless you're unlucky. I feel like between CDs, beacon, holy shock, and eternal flame I'm not missing haste at all and much prefer the mastery with a disc priest since damage is more controlled. But, you could always try haste to comfort and then stack mastery if it is giving you a problem. Mastery is widely considered the better stat right now though.

Unless you're using a lot of Light of Dawns or someone is taking very heavy single target damage, I'd urge you to try Eternal Flame. It's just a lot more versatile than word of glory. It's great to throw on tanks and transfers well through beacon. Allows you to setup and prepare for incoming raid damage by blanketing the raid with hots/shields. A 1 HP EF can keep a shield rolling for a long time if one is about to fall off. Good outlet for periods of downtime where HP might build up and otherwise feel wasted. Extremely useful for Garalon and Tsulong.

v You said it far better anyway, h5!
I couldn't get into Sacred Shield. It's not bad. It just feels limited. With a few lucky Divine Purpose procs, you could have Eternal Flame up on half your 10m in a few seconds. Although, in periods of heavy AoE, I tend to forget about ES and spam Light of Dawn. I guess it depends what your job is, amongst the healing team, so your millage may vary.

I advise you consider trying out EF again, focusing on spreading it around. You don't have to drop a 3HP EF to make the spell useful. As an example, Holy Radiance + Holy Shock on beacon, followed by a 2HP EF on whoever needs it. If it's not for you, it's not for you. Either way, good luck.

Pretty sure I just said the same thing Seraphine said...

high five?

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