Paladin solo viable on ptr?

As someone who spends a lot of time and has a lot of fun soloing old raids, it bums me out that current paladins seem to be no where near as good as DK, monk, or hunter, or even shadow priests when it comes to soloing old content. Ret is too squishy once you go beyond 10mans, and prot is stuck in BC era where tanks do pitiful dps. I know vengeance exists, but it seems to me like in order to stack the AP high you need to take a lot of adds or a lot of damage, and it's often not able to be healed through by yourself, so it ends up being 15-25k dps on bosses that have millions of hit points compared to DKs that can pull at least double that.

Anyone that's used the PTR know if the changes to conc increase dps without vengeance or if the improved healing to eternal flame makes ret more viable solo? Thanks.
Wear dps gear, pull trash into bosses if you can. You really don't have to worry about the damage because of how much insight heals. Only DKs really do more damage on a base level, warriors do a lot when they have high vengeance.
Hmmm I'll test that out as well, thanks. I only tried dps gear once and that was in Bastion of twilight because I knew I couldn't take that place with tank dps..and I got annihilated. Tried tank gear for the hell of it and still died over time because the damage was too low on my end.

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