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Yesterday I ran simcraft to get my current stat weights. The results showed that my haste weight isn't quite high enough that I should be gemming for haste rather than strength. I changed my gems to reflect those results, but now the sims are showing that my haste weight is now high enough to return to gemming haste. I'm not very experienced with simcraft or anything of that sort, so could anyone tell me exactly what is going on?
What exactly were the weights - from yesterday and form today? Typically, a normalized haste weight above about .46 is far enough within standard deviation to start gemming haste.
My final sim from last night had me at 1.39 haste weight. My most recent sim has me at 1.74 haste weight. Both sims show a 3.16 strength weight
Adding more of one stat (eg, strength) makes other stats (eg, haste) more valuable. Sometimes when you're right on the border, just the act of re-gemming can shift your stat weights enough to tell you to gem back the other way. I encountered a similar thing a couple months back.

Since it's telling you to gem strength when you have haste gems, and to gem haste when you have strength gems, you could split the difference and gem for a mix - in principle, there must be an optimum somewhere in between. However, since you're right on the border there, it honestly doesn't make much difference either way; I'd say you might as well keep whatever you already have and save the gold, rather than re-gem everything for a 100-DPS improvement.
Hmm. That's .44 and .55 normalized, respectively. Frankly, I'd just go with haste, since you will reach the point fairly soon of haste gemming being superior to strength gemming, anyway. Curious, though: Which sim had a higher total DPS and damage output?
I didn't keep track of the exact dps value, but they were both in the realm of 85k dps. So I think you may be right, Rav.

Edit: So I totally forgot I had them up in the background. But I was right, the earlier one is at 85.4k, my newest is at 85.6k.

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