[A] Infamy - 4/13H - LFM - 10man

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
We are an old, well established guild on the server Proudmoore.

Due to real life getting in the way for a couple of our team we have an immediate opening for 1-2 raid members of any of the following classes/roles:

- 1x Warlock
- 1x Ele Shammy
- 1x Boomy

- 1x Holy Pally

Current Progress - 10 man:
- 4/13 Heroic ToT
- All normal T15 content cleared

We raid on Australian time!
We are an Australian based guild and therefore raid on Australian time. If you're not close to Australian time then we'll need to be convinced that raiding these hours isn't going to be problem because they aren't easy for US based people.

Raiding Hours:
We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday nights from 8:00p to 11:30p AU time.

What we're looking for:
- Somebody who can make almost every raid. We understand that people have lives outside of the game and that things can get in the way from time to time.
- Knows how to use Mumble (plus a working mic). You don't need to talk often, but you must listen
- Desire to be the best (like no-one ever was)
- Exceptional movement and awareness
- Not easily offended. We like to joke around and can at times be crass, rude or downright filthy.
- Somebody who enjoys the learning that comes with new encounters, the expected wipes, the brainstorming of ideas to make an Infamy strategy come together.

If we sound like a good fit for you, please get in touch with Enchy, Rynxa or Muletia in game (or ask anybody in guild if we're online on alts) for more information or to discuss private applications, or alternatively you can check out our website http://www.infamy-guild.com/
Just in time for 5.2, get in here!
No longer looking for a hunter.

Still openings for a Warlock and any healers who aren't a druid or monk!
Also we now have Heroic Spirit Kings under our belt :>
Hi myself 498 resto sham and my friend 498 hunter with your current exp are both interested. Please add me in game kashf1#1545
Still in search for:
- 1-2x Healers: Priest, Holy Paladin or Shaman
- 1x Warlock
We are still looking for healy Priests and Paladins and also still require a Warlock.

Heroic Garalon downed last night also.
Still in search for:
- 1-2x Healers: Priest, Holy Paladin or Shaman
- 1x Warlock
Ive got a Priest! Paladin, and Shaman!
Could find room for a Rogue instead of a Warlock if need be :>

Still looking for:
- 1-2x Healers: Priest, Holy Paladin or Shaman
- 1x Warlock OR 1x Rogue
Hey, 498Resto/493Enhance Shaman, only 4/16hm experience but long time raider. Add me at Jay#11792 if you are still looking
Hi Jayded,

We are definitely still looking. I’ll try to have someone get in touch with you tonight. Alternatively if you could kindly visit our website and fill out an application form, that would be amazing :)


Hey, tried apping your website but won't let me post till someone approves, unless I'm doing something wrong
02/25/2013 08:20 PMPosted by Jayded
Hey, tried apping your website but won't let me post till someone approves, unless I'm doing something wrong

Hi .. yes, that's correct. Without that manual check we get spam bots posting - and that annoys the hell out of me. Unless I'm asleep it doesn't normally take me long for me to see a new account, check whether it's on known spam bot lists and then approve accounts. I think I got yours done within about 20 minutes so it should be good to go. Sorry for the annoyance/frustration caused.
Still looking for healy frands and a warlock or rogue.
Bump for my fellas on proudmoore! Recruiting schnell! GL in 5.2 guys :)
Muletia, you might remember my alt on proudmoore, Pealol ^_^
Come join us as we head into Patch 5.2 to smash the Thunder King. You know you'll have an awesome time with us!
When a problem comes along
You must whip it
Before the cream sets out too long
You must whip it
When something's goin' wrong
You must whip it
The Thunder King is almost upon us! Come help us put him in his place!!!
Hi guys,

Looking for a solid new guild and raid team to call home. Have been running a MW monk main since launch of mop while maintaining disc priest and resto shaman alts.

Current progression is only 16/16 NM due to major recruitment issues over the past 6 months, however raid heal exp is back to the end of BC including heroic content each tier.

Ideally I'd be looking to run as a disc priest but would also consider continuing with my MW. Server transferring for the right group is no issue as I'm currently residing on the nagrand server.

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