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I have both experienced and seen others complain about rage issues and how the current system is flawed in one way or another. I have been thinking of different ways to fix/alter how rage works now and I thought about the different stances we have and the effects they give. What if going into each stance intensified the effect that it gives us, but we had a weaker version of each stance as a passive.

My idea is that you keep the attacks that use rage, spend rage, and do neither just the way they are, but you generate rage in two other ways as well. One would be similar to Berserker Stance, you generate 1 rage from each % of damage you take. The second would be similar to Defensive Stance, where you generate rage passively while in combat at a slow rate. I am unsure what the amount of rage generated passively and the rage generated from taking damage should be to be balanced.

The stances would change to be amplified versions of these passives. These changes to stances are only from a rage generation perspective, so any other effects would remain. For example, if the rage you generated from taking damage was 1 rage per 2% damage taken, it would change to 1 rage for every one 1% by going into Berserker Stance. Let me know what you think, and feel free to modify this all you want, just wanted to get my idea out there.
So basically what you're saying is:

Baseline-Generate 1.75 rage per second from auto attacks
Baseline-Generate 1 rage per 3 seconds while in combat
Baseline-Generate 1 rage per 2% damage taken
Battle Stance-Increase rage generation to 3.5 per second from auto attacks
Defensive Stance-Increase passive rage generation to 1 per second
Zerker Stance-Generate 1 rage per 1% damage taken.

Honestly, it wouldn't change much. The main thing would be it's a buff to defensive stance, and makes you gain rage from damage taken regardless of stance, which is something the developers intentionally moved away from because it's harder to balance.
Yeah that is the basic idea, but if it wouldn't change much, maybe uping the numbers slightly would make it better. Generating rage from getting hit makes sense to me, and to have some passive generation similar to hunters (not as much) would help with rage problems. Even if rage generation was moved away from auto attacks and into these methods, it may be better than how rage currently works.

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