(A-10) Order of Sanctus recruiting

Earthen Ring
Order of Sanctus is currently recruiting toons to fill our 2cd 10man group and who are able to raid immediately.

*Heals and a Tank are highly needed and 1 dps any class

Raid Times (all times are server time)

*Tuesday 7:45 -11:00
*Thursday 7:45 -11:00
*Sunday 7:45 -11:00

Raiding Requirements

*All Raiders must maintain a min attendance of 2/3 raid nights per week

List of officer contacts in game

*Modbank (One day I will change the name)
*Sebaceous - Recruitment Officer

To apply go to http://orderofsanctus.guildlaunch.com/ and fill out and application also feel free to contact any officer if you have any questions.
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