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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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The Living Shadows tavern is set in Booty Bay, at the very back of the darkest street,the owner is Veriana Starsong(The character of whom this is posted by),and the barkeep is Elvador,a solemn and silent hunter and the waitress is Mistarvaxan, a perky and friendly druid who loves to help, and lots of people come in and out. Enjoy!
Sindorian walked into the tavern and strode over to the counter demanding a drink and a meal for free, because she was soooo tired."Hurry up now" she said in a snotty voice,"I don't like to wait!" she added and strode off like a superstar to one of the booths, not thanking the kindly man for his troubles.
Elvador nodded vaguely,he was used to being treated this way, especially by Sin'dorei, and didn't mind to give one a free meal here and there, if it made them stop talking.He went into the kitchen and came out with a fresh platter of gourmet eggs,bacon,sausage,and fresh toasted bred.He walked over and handed it to the Sin'dorei,"Made by our finest chef, a pandaren woman named Sinderia the brewmaster, and she made it from scratch for you!"He said with a usual small smile.
"WHAT!!!" she screamed at the sight of the food,"You expect me to eat this.. this MEAT!" She said the last word with a flicker of disgust, and wrinkled her nose as she smelled the sausage and bacon,"I do no eat meat!" she said trying to stay calm,"I do not get this skinny by eating fattened pigs and cows!"She ordered some vegetables and turned away as if expecting her order to be fulfilled at her wish
Mistarvaxan jumped at the scream from downstairs.She had just washed her hair after being awakened by the wafting smell of eggs and toast from the kitchen downstairs Ah, Sinderia's fine cooking she thought to herself and she slipped on her long blue skirt and hood a, and fastened the buttons of her light blue linen shirt.She glided out of her room and down the stairs where she saw the first patron, a young bloodelf."Hello!" she said merrily as she waved and slipped into the kitchen.
Gizzle was in one of the darker, more shady booths in the back. He gobbled down a bottle of Kaja'Cola, then chuckled as he saw the Elf freak out over food, "Oh women...they are an entire different beast to tackle, huh?" He smirked, getting out of his chair and walking his little goblin feet down to the bar, sitting in one of the chairs as a little robot companion of his walked down with him. "Another round of Kaja." He said as he took out of piece of machinery, sliding his goggles over his eyes as he began to work on the machine, humming a somewhat whimsical, yet annoying tune.
Leonette who was in her human form was dozing off in the corner of the tavern when she was so very rudely awoken by a whiny blood elf. Typical. Arrogant. She growled and said, "Oh, quit your pathetic whining. You're as skinny as a twig anyhow, a little meat wouldn't make a difference. If you're expecting some of that pompous elf-food you're in the wrong place. Go back to Silvermoon if you wanna shovel that rubbish." With that, she took a sip of her ale and returned to her dozing.
Rêvan cringed as he walked into the little bar, wondering if they served the Cherry Grog that he had so favored in his childhood, when he heard a human with a funny accent curse a poor blood elf of wanting to watch her weight. "do you mind if i be sittin with ya ma'am," Rêvan asked the blood elf while looking towards the bartender asking, "i be takin a menu of what ya got if ya dont mind." with a little nod and a flop of his ears as he turned back to the petite blood elf.
Bootybay; Novik hated this pathetic excuse for a port, the entire city stank of Horde filth.Oh how he wished to sink his blade into ork and goblin flesh alike, but he kept himself in check, he was here under orders - the killing could wait, he was to meet a informat at sundow - and it was the morning, his mood darkened to a deadly level, and his hand twitched towards his sword.fantastic, that meant he had to waste an entire day in this light forsaken city. But his mood was quickly changed by a pub he spotted, "The Living Shadows" it was named, an odd name for a pub for sure, but still a place to get an ale or two.

He pushed against the wooden door with a plated hand, forcing it open fully, before striding into the building. The first thing he noticed was the Horde, his earlier thoughts of slaying came back to him, and his hand once again found itself on his sword. But he forced the hatred down, afterall, the owner wouldint probably like to clean up the blood, and light he wanted some ale.

He roughly shouldered past a troll, making sure to give it a glimpse of his alliance tabard. There was only one Human in the pub, and he made his way towards her direction, away from the majority of the horde. He sat down a table away, setting his shield and helmet on the ground next to him, before signalling for the waitress(or waiter, IDK)
The young elf looked up at the troll,"Excuse me?" she said"Why would i let you sit with me?"She looked away and acted like the obnoxious troll wasn't even there, rolling her eyes as she did so.
Elvador silently handed the troll a menu and the goblin another cup of kaja cola."How can you drink that stuff?" he muttered under his breath.
Leonette sighed as the tavern became more crowded and began to wake herself, up yawning and stretching as she did so. She watched the snooty blood elf tell off a troll who seemed to be attempting to be friendly with her and rolled her eyes as she reached for her ale. Just as she brought it to her lips she spotted a human sitting just a table away from her with an irritable look on his face. She motioned for the waitress to come by and took a fresh pint off her platter and dropped a few gold coins in her hand. "Thank you, ma'am," she said. Taking her own mug of ale she sat by Novik and slid the pint toward him.

"Hello there," she said with a friendly smile. "You looked so grumpy I thought you could use a pint and the company of a pretty young lady."
Three steps and a stab, and a slash to finish her off - thats all it would take to kill the annoying blood elf. He was torn out of his brooding as a Woman sat across the table from him, sliding a pint of ale towards him - he liked this woman already.

"Grumpy? Yeah, I guess I'm pretty grumpy - but how can you blame me with all these
beasts around." He motions towards the horde members before taking a drink of his ale. "Thanks for the ale by the way - but what would a lady like you be doing in a place like this?"
Tandrelyna walked into the bar, slouching, tired from a long fight. Her trusty spear bloodied, her eyes glowed dimmer then normal. "Hello, good sir, do you seat death knights? I need some food after a long battle," The blood elf asked Night Elf, being surprisingly kind for her kind. "Me and my sister loved coming here after fighting the scourge," The death knight sighed, she was saddened by the thought of her beloved sister who died in battle, a warrior, or in her case, paladin's death.
The blood elf sat down without waiting and began to chat with others. The elf waited for her glass of Eversong Wine, she always got that, her sister always tried something new.

"What's your name, Night Elf? I'm Tandrelyna, everyone either calls me Tandre or Lyna, usually Tandre. Oh, and don't worry about what you get me. Being undead, I don't have to worry about calories, I keep skinny," The social elf said politely, it was as if she knew the other blood elf threw a tantrum. It wasn't long until the elf fell asleep.
"I'm Elvador," he said softly as he gave her the wine ,"and we aren't stereotypical about whom we serve,everyone deserves to be treated the same."He offered her a room if she was tired and asked to ask him if she needed anything at all.He liked this woman, she was nicer than most blood legs he knew.He looked and saw her fast asleep, he sighed."She'll be up soon enough." He told himself.
A glowing purple portal opened in front of the door leading to the tavern and Ryelth stumbled out.Ryelth was a clumsy,witty Mage, who loved to visit his family at the living shadows tavern(he is Elvador,Mistarvaxan, and Veriana's brother).As he walked through the door he tripped and fell forward,thrusting his hand out he froze in midair, and righted himself.He spotted a young blood elf sleeping and walked over to her.He sat down near her and ordered a drink "Make it quick!" He said jokingly to his brother, who just nodded and handed him his wine.
Taking a few heavy gulps from her mug, she set it down and wiped the suds from her upper lip before she chuckled lightly. "Oh, I've spent my whole life behind that miserable wall. Thought I'd do a little sight seeing. Find out what I've been missing out on all these 20-odd years."

Well it wasn't exactly a lie. More of a half-truth.

"What about you, mister 'Alliance'?" she said, noting his tabard and obviously joking with him to get his spirits up. "This doesn't exactly seem like a place a gentleman like yourself would be very fond of."
Despite himself, Novik couldint help but smirk before he responded "Gilnean Eh? Ever seen one of those Worgen types? Heard they can tear a man in half - quite terrifying."

He took another long drink before continuing. "Mister? Hmph, never heard that one before - But i'm here on assignment, have to meet an informat, but I'm afraid thats all I can tell you."
Unsure how he would react to her... true nature, Leonette thought it best not to tell him out right. "Yes, I suppose you could say I've have my fair share of run-ins with them. You'd be hard pressed to find a Gilnean who hasn't." She averted her yellow eyes hoping he hadn't noticed as she traced her fingers along the rim of her mug and quickly changed the subject, "Confidential military assignment, I suppose." she shrugged. "I'm Leonette by the way. I don't believe I caught your name."
Sindorian got up to use the restroom, and bumped a human female sitting by a human male."Oops," she said in a fake voice,"Didn't see you there." she remarked and she walked into the bathroom.

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