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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Jixel was a goblin that appreciated the finer things in life. Food, wine, women, moolah, explosives. All that stuff. He walked inside the tavern and looked around. "Hmph, this place is run by elves. I can smell them." he said as he walked over to the counter. "I'll have a Banana Kaja Cola and some scrambled eggs, please." He dropped a few silver coins onto the counter and strode to a vacant booth.
Rêvan sighed as he watched all the new traffic walk in and took a seat at the booth the Blood Elf had just vacated and waved to the waiter saying "i'll take da darkest ya have mon, some whiskey be nice if ya got it." he rolled his eyes as he heard the pompous alliance fleabag moan and complain about having to be in a tavern filled of 'beasts'... he'd have to show him his hunter friend's stable... they were just filled with some vile beasts that the alliance warrior would love to complain to.
Luthionn came walking in, he strode in with pride, and went to one of the corners of the room. He let his armor clunk together, and he took out his axe. His pride and joy. He started polishing it, then when he was done, admiring his work he took out a book, and started to read. It was called, 'How to feel Emotion and Love', by Horon Stormturner. Luthionn read, and his eyes got big in awe. He slowly read, making sure to get every detail of the magnificent book in front of him.
Alyonus walked, exhausted, through the front door. he had come to Booty Bay to try to bring some of the locals into the sway of the Light, Such an impure place as this was crying for Argent pastoralism. His efforts had largely been for nought and he had been pelted with tomatoes by the local Steamwheedle Goblins, wary of anyone pushing people away from their filthy gambling establishments and brothels, not to mention piracy. One of the more reckless ones had even chucked a light grenade at me, but luckily the Light is my shield, and I escaped unharmed, although my Silver Argent Robes are a bit worse for wear.

I limped to the counter. "Please Sir, could I have some bread and water." A meager meal. I needed to remember my vow of poverty.

I looked over and saw Greenngiant, the filthy Goblin who chucked a bomb at me! "By the LIght its him!"

Alyonus snuck into the corner next to Novik, hoping for some familiar human company after a long day of ministering to hostil pirates. He hoped that the Goblin would not see him.

"Make it wine" I whispered to the barkeep, a sensible looking elf. i was surprised he tolerated this wicked Goblin here, though I remembered that he would probably have no easy time barring them.

"Hello fellow human. Stormwind I presume. Light's Blessings upon you." I spoke in a hushed tone. "What brings you to this "colourful" part of the world?" Novik seemed a tad confused at my sudden arrival, and i didn't blame him...
Tandrelyna soon awoke and sighed. "Oh, hello there, didn't see ya," The blood elf said kindly to the night elf sitting next to her. "I'm Tandrelyna, what's your name?" Tandrelyna asked. She knew that most people were surprised to see her glowing eyes if they didn't before, looking more alive then most death knights. Tandrelyna took a sip of her wine. "I haven't had this wine in ages..." The blood elven death knight sighed. Tandrelyna smiled, drinking her wine reminded her of her first life, her used to being a paladin and her mage sister, fighting the scourge side by side, how she missed those days. The blood elf yawned and eventually went back to sleep.
Novik couldint help but feel he was missing something, but he brushed the feeling aside, "Good to meet you Leonette, Names Novik." Novik took another long drink, finishing off the pint. He motioned for another drink, buying two and sliding one over to the woman across from him - then handing the waitress a few coins. In an attempt to keep the conversation going Novik asked "Whats it like in Gilneas?"

Another human - a silver argent priest telling from his robes - approached the table. Novik couldint help but be suprised at this - a priest, in a port like booty bay? He mentally shook off the thought before replying to the mans question. "Here for military business, afraid I can't say much more then that - but what would a priest like you be doing in a light forsaken hole like this?" He motioned with his hand around the room before taking another drink.
The distant bells rang of another ship docking into the pier. Not long after, the doors of the tavern opened revieling the pooring rain outside as a Large shaman stepped inside carrying a massive spiked bulwark shield. The shaman decorated from head to toe in dragon bones gave his body a shake trying to knock off some of the rain. Elvador quickly recongnized "The Salty Splintbane", easily remembered by his shield from previous passings through the tavern in the past. Elvador also remembers he's not one to be trifled with. Splintbane moved to one of the nearby empty tables, leaned his shield against the chair he sat down in. then took his dragon helm off and layed it on the table in front of him revieling his one broken horn protruding from his skull. Splintbane called to Mistarvaxen to bring him the meal of the day as well as handed her a rope that was strapped to his side attached with some rare exodic fish for a peace offering to the Tavernkeeper. While waiting for the meal Splintbane took out a parchment from the scrollcase it was held in, unrolled it on the table and started to study it. From a distance it appeared to be caves of Blackrock..
Rêvan noticed the massive Tauren walk in as he waited for his drink, and going against his better judgment he slowly stood up and swaggered toward Splintbane's table. "how ya doin mon?" Rêvan questioned the Tauren. "Da name be Rêvan... or Rev if ya be perferin, mind if i join ya, the company here be a bit less than friendly if ya know what i mean..." Rêvan glanced back towards the barkeeper and motioned that he was changing tables as he sat down, then took a wayward glance at the now full table of what appeared to be a warrior, some wimp in cloth, and an odd looking female human that had yellow eyes! "dat be a strange group to be assemblin under da same roof," Rêvan mumbled to himself as he took out a stone to sharpen up his tusks a bit.
Alyonus replied to Novik, "I go where the Light calls me my brother. It is our duty to bring the light to even the darkest corner of the world. Though my old bones are aching from my exertion today. That Goblin over there even tried to chuck a small explosive at me, LIght preserve us! But i musn't judge. What would one expect of such creatures brought up in this den of iniquity? My work is far from over, thougha t times i wish I could return to the Chapel and get a good night's sleep."

His wine came and Alyonus drank it down in one gulp.

"In my days before I took up the cloth I was a cutpurse like you see here, but the Light moved me to service, called me to action and repentance. Do not be so brash in your judgement, and remember my brother, the blood you spill today may catch up with you tomorrow."
Tailihn Yuen, a usual at the tavern and known to the workers. The young Pandaren walked up to the counter "I'll take my usual," she said in a lively voice. Tailihn's usual, shrimp dumplings and fresh spring rolls, and a surprise drink. She took her usual seat, an empty booth. The shaman pushed her messy bangs back from her eyes. She wondered if there was anyone to talk to.
Leonette glared after the elf that ‘accidentally’ bumped into her and momentarily considered biting her pretty little face off but dismissed the idea. Leonette accepted Novik’s offered drink gratefully and smiled at the mention of Gilneas. “It’s just about the most beautiful city anyone’s ever laid eyes on… well you know, when it isn’t raining. It’s nowhere as near as big as Stormwind, though. And that certainly took some getting used to. I’ve gotten lost in that city more times that I would care to count,” she took a sip of her drink then glanced up when a priest that seemed to materialized out of nowhere. She didn’t mind his company, however. The tavern needed more humans, even if she wasn’t exactly one herself. She put on her best poker face at the mention of ‘cutpurse’ and turned her attention to her drink.
Novik takes another drink, before shaking his head at the priest statement. "Would it not be better to 'Purge' the foul beasts? I understand the need for conversion, but even the most intelligent of animals can not understand the complexity of religion!" He emphasises his point by slamming his fist onto the table.

Shaking his head, Novik glanced over at Leonette, before questioning her "Whats your opinon on this?" He takes another drink, hoping that it will keep his anger in check.
Sylvera 'Soft Kitty' Whitefeng, a worgen druid in her human form, walked in and took a seat next to a fellow Gilnean and two humans "Don't mind if I sit here, do ya?" The druid asked, an average Gilnean accent in her voice. Sylvera took a look at all the others at the table "So, where you all from?" Sylvera asked, then she went up to the bar. The druid came back with a beverage she loved, a type of strong rum. "Name's Sylvera Whitefeng," The Gilnean said plainly, then took a long sip of her drink.
Luthionn let out a sigh, because his book didn't seem to be working. He read a short story, that was supposed to make him feel, 'sad' but all it did was make him a little agitated. He always wanted to feel a little emotion, but he never did. He got more agitated, and threw the book, which hit a Tauren in the head. He instantly looked away, and acted like he was polishing his sword. If the Tauren suspected him, he would blame it on the Paladin. He let out a chuckle, as he thought of the idea of the Tauren killing the Paladin, just because of something he didn't even do.
Leonette hoped that by 'animals' Novik meant those of the horde and not ones like herself. She would not like to be 'purged'. She wasn't exactly fond of the horde herself, given their recent invasion of her home. The memory spiked her anger a bit but she kept herself in check. Best not to have any embarrassing transformations in polite company. Still, the memory left a foul taste in her mouth but she knew better than so say anything in a... diverse setting such as this. As of right now, horde out numbered their little alliance gathering. She took note of all the fastest exits before speaking. "Perhaps this isn't the best place to discuss such matters," she said in a low voice looking about warily at the glaring onlookers.

Leonette sighed inwardly in relief at the familiar accent of another Gilnean. Another Gilnean probably meant another worgen which would bring her some comfort. She asked if they would mind if she sat with them. "Not at all," said Leonette with a cheerful smile as she gestured for her to take a seat. As Sylvera introduced herself, she took note of her particular accent. While not as refined as her own, Leonette remembered a time when her own was quite similar. It seemed so long ago now.

"So, where you all from?"

"Gilneas, my dear," Leonette happily chirped. "You as well, I see."
Yet another worgen, this one actually in his worgen state, sat slumped over a book in yet another shadowed spot in the inn. The gears along the sides of his goggles began to click, slowly increasing in speed until it became a steady whir. Purple electricity began to spark along the top of the goggles as a purple light on the right lens flashed on while the worgen's eyes snapped open behind the lenses. He pulled out a small pocket watch and realized he had dozed off.
"Well, the place certainly deserves the name," He muttered. "So many shadows it would be hard not to fall asleep."
Hidden eyes quickly darted to every patron of the inn, registering whichever ones could be possibly hostile. As soon as his habitual "scan" was complete, he straightened back up in his chair, pulled his book back in front of his face, and promptly slouched back into his seat.
"I see you know a Gilnean when you see one," Sylvera commented, with a smile. "I'm guessing you have the Gilneas personality too, do you?" Sylvera asked, with a little chuckle. "So, you a worgen too, I'm guessing?" The druid asked her fellow Gilnean in a very hushed voice.

The druid took a drink of her beverage. Whitefeng took a look around, fairly busy. "Just so you know, I suggest to not make me angry, you wouldn't like me angry," Sylvera said to the others sitting at the booth. She knew she would get angry and rampage at some point, though. The druid finished off her rum, and got some water instead of more rum, she could only stand so much before passing out.
Not wanting to risk blowing her cover, Leonette, very subtly adjusted her gauntlet under the table to show her the bite-mark on her forearm that marked her as a worgen and nodded slightly. She was still afraid how Novik would react, what with his remarks about purging animals and all.

She smiled at Sylvera's remark about making her angry. Clearly the alcohol was getting to her. "Oh, you needn't worry. We're all friends here, right Novik?" said Leonette leaning back in her chair. The alcohol seemed to be getting to her own head as well because she leaned a little too far back and tipped her chair over backward, hitting the floor with a loud crash. "...Ow." she grimaced at the harsh collision to her backside. That was going to leave a bruise. She quickly picked herself up and said, "That's enough ale for me today."
Sylvera gave a little laugh. The druid got up and stretched and sat back down, but a little too quickly, causing the chair to creak and wobble. "Well, would you look at that? There's a worgen, over there" The druid said, just a glass of that rum made Sylvera quite tipsy. "Wow, the rum is strong, if I had another glass, I'll be making as much sense as well, someone who was smashed!" The druid laughed, then she too fell backwards. "These cursed chairs... Someone make them more stable!" Sylvera said jokingly, then got up. "Well, if anyone wants me to scare some folk as a cat, I'm all for it," Sylvera laughed, she just kept joking.

The druid fell asleep just because she had a long day until she started having a good time in the tavern. Her head on the table, her drink in her hand, it was an odd way to sleep. The druid soon woke up with a jolt, causing her to fall out of her chair. Sylvera got up ad pushed her red hair out of her face. "What did I miss? Suppose no more rum or anything for me," Sylvera said, she laughed a bit at herself.
"Purging... it's been a long time since I've heard that. No no no, no good will come of it. Drink up and you will feel less inclined to purge... I hope."

"Elvador, more wine please."

"Two glasses in a day, I'll have to fast for a month to make up for it."

Alyonus turned to Leonette and gave her a look which indicated that he knew her true form, he saw through her facade. Alyonus put his hand upon her forehead and spoke a few words, and she felt immediately fortified. Alyonus put coins on the table, enough to cover the charge for the whole table. He finished his wine and got up.

"It was nice speaking with you, and Novik, I hope you will ponder on our discussion, some inward focus may do you good. Have you ever considered joining the Crusade? NO? Oh well, better luck next time."

"Leonette, may you be brought safely home from your travels, Light's blessings upon you."

"Elvador, I'll take a room for the night... you wouldn't happen to have any candles would you?..."

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