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Novik shook his head once again at Alyonus's statement, He just didint underestand, he'd never been on the front lines and seen what their kind did. He once again turned his attention towards the two ladies at the table, and he couldint help but feel he was missing something, suddenly a question was directed at him, sounding odd.

"Sure, why woul-" Noviks statement was interrupted as both of the women fell out of there chair, he couldint hold back a chuckle, before starting over, "Sure, why wouldint we be?" Novik took another long drink, he was starting to feel a little bit drunk.
"I think I need a room too, been on a boat all day. I can't sleep as a human..." The druid grumbled as she got up and transformed into a worgen , her clothes stretching to fit her bulkier form, her mouth in what seemed to be a permanent snarl. "Well, I'll be in my room if you need me," The just transformed worgen said. The worgen druid asked for a room and went right to her room and went to sleep.
Leonette's eyes caught the meaningful gaze the priest had given her, 'He knew,' she thought. Leonette flinched slightly when the priest touched her forehead much to her own embarrassment. He spoke a few words of power and she could feel herself rejuvenated from the Light energy that flowed through her.

"Leonette, may you be brought safely home from your travels, Light's blessings upon you."

From those choice of words Leonette watched him carefully. Did he know she was a runaway? No, no of course not! She had changed her name, her appearance... No one could possibly know who she was! It was simply a... coincidence? An odd choice of words? Maybe. But she wouldn't wait to find out. She would be leaving this town soon. It would not be wise to stay in one place too long. She shook her head out of her thoughts. She was becoming too paranoid. It was a blessing, nothing more.

She looked back to her pint and finished it off with a long drink just as Sylvera transformed into her worgen form, then looked out the window. It was already mid-afternoon. She would be leaving first thing tonight. She watched Novik for a reaction to the other worgen before speaking again.
Noviks drink fell out of his hand, (thankfully landing straight up) his battle hardened instincts screamed at him to reach for his sword, but the simple fact she was once a fellow human, stayed his hand. He shook his head, absently noting that it was a common occurence in this tavern.

"That was unexpected." was his only statement, confusion and suprise obvious in his tone - afterall, why had the beas- Worgen decided to change infront of him? He shook off the feeling - another common occurence - before mumbling "As long it can kill orcs." He drank again, the only way he could cope with all this insanity was drink, and it wouldint hurt to get a little drunk before finishing what he had to do, would it?
Rêvan winced as he saw the Tauren get smacked in the back of the head at the exact same time as the chair behind him fell over. the Troll Death Knight was becoming more agitated because he still had yet to get his whiskey from the bartender. Rêvan looked over at the Night elf who had thrown the book and sent a grim smile his way before swaggering to his feet to see what he could do about the two females... except when he turned around one was a furry beast. instinctively his two Warlord's Battle Axe's flicked into his hand before he calmed himself with a Horn of Winter sending the deep sound througout the building and resheathing the axe's. he swayed to the human female on the ground and with almost perfect common for the human's he said, "will there be anyway i can help ya to your feet ma'am? if need be i can be buyin ya
a room for ya to spend da night in."
Leonette watched Novik's reaction and while he didn't look very pleased with the other worgen at least he didn't draw his blade, and that was good enough for Leonette, though she was a bit sad that he only tolerated her kind.

A chill went down her spine when she felt the unholy presence of a death knight nearby. Leonette blinked and looked up at the troll who had offered to help her up. Why it didn't occur to her to get up on her own she would never know. Perhaps she really had a bit too much to drink. To say she was confused by the troll's kindness would be the understatement of the year. Up until now, her only experiences with horde-kind were thoroughly unpleasant and death knights were, more often than not, equally unpleasant. But now here was a death knight troll offering to get her to her feet and buy her a room.

Perhaps she had hit her head rather hard against the floor when she fell.

"I...uh... thank you?" she was unsure of what to say as she shakily took the death knights hand as he helped her to her feet. "You won't have to buy me a room. I don't plan on staying another night." She swayed a bit as she said this, the alcohol beginning to affect her rather heavily.
"ya be most kind in acceptin my offer ma'am..." Rêvan replied as he "felt" the warmth of the female human... who he wasn't certain was entirely human, this unnerved him, mostly because of the feeling that he had never encountered in his undead form, but also because of her eyes as she accepted his offer to be helped up and refused his offer to get her a room. with his emotions mixed and in a jumble he said, "i'll be at da bar if ya would care for a talk, that imbiclie night elf over der seems to have misshapenly thrown his book across the room and hit the tauren over there... i thought it best to not be there if he be gettin up to confront him, even if the night elf is an undead brotha o' mine!" Rêvan winked at Novik and swaggered to the bar to finally get his whiskey that he had requested a while ago.
The worgen came back downstairs. "Actin' like you've never seen a non-feral worgen before! There are more then you think," The druid said as she got a drink and sat back at the same seat as before. "Hey, Novik, thank's for not killing me, everyone had to find out at some point," Sylvera said to the human, she was certainly in control. Sylvera turned into a human once again, her hair no longer a mane, but normal, her face no longer like a wolf's, and hands and feet instead of paws. She looked just like a normal human.
Rêvan glanced back at the table as the worgen, almost as tall as the tauren over at the other booth was, walked back up with a drink and shifted back to female. almost muttering under his breath Rêvan whispered something along the lines of, "and they tinkin we be animals, when all dey see is da fightin side of teh mighty horde, yet they have true animals in their mist..."
Neltriz chuckled at the human female, watching her squirm under the hospitality of a troll. He found it amusing when a warrior's propaganda was proved false before their eyes. The races would slaughter each other without a second thought, but except a gift from the enemy? That was quite a horrid thought to most Alliance warriors.
Galinora, a worgen priest in her worgen form, walked in. The priest seemed to have a slight limp. "Seems I forgot to heal my leg..." Galinora said, a sudden wave of light surrounded her and her leg was fixed. "Mind if I sit here?" The priest asked a worgen druid, she did not know though, that the worgen's name was Neltriz. Without waiting, Galinora sat down. "So, what's your story on becoming a worgen?" The worgen asked, calling over the waitress, and ordered a drink.
Leonette glanced out the window again. It was already getting late. She wouldn't be able to maintain her human form by night. She leaned down and picked up her knapsack to sling it over her shoulders before turning to smile at Novik. "It's been nice meeting you, Novik. I'm afraid I must take my leave." Her voice slowly became deeper and rugged as she spoke. "I do hope we meet again someday. It was a pleasure." With that, she allowed her true form to take hold. In a cloud of black smoke, her worgen nature was revealed.

Before she would allow time for anyone to react, she dropped to all fours and bounded out the door.
"Well, guess we're not as rare as I've been lead to believe," Neltriz muttered upon seeing another human change and another worgen sit next to him.
"Well, just same as most other changed Gilneans. In the city at a bad time, nothing special," he said, replying to the worgen that had just sat next to him. "Since Gilneas fell I've just been wandering Azeroth."
Henryev arrives at booty bay, and after walking around for a while, he begins to look for a place to rest. He then sees an inn, that looks suitable for the night. Right when he was about to walk in, he saw worgen abruptly ran on all four legs takes off right out of the door right in. He disliked worgens already, after fighting so many of them in Gilneas. Right after the worgen left he muttered a few words against worgens in Forsaken, and hoped that nobody spoke that language, or at least heard him. He procedes to walk in and sits down by the bar counter. "I'd like a round of, well, anything really," he says to the barkeep.
A large white buck strode into the tavern with an injured night elf female riding on his back. She slid off of the buck and it was quickly replaced in a cloud of dust and gray smoke by what appeared to be a male human un his late teens. He had blonde hair that wnet down to his neck and slightly curled abit at the ends, a tattoo of the Cenarion Circle insignia on his right cheek and eyelid, so it was only complete if his eye was closed, wore a pair of half moon glasses and wore a long black trench coat that went down to his ankles. The night elf was scantily clad in leather armor and had a set of lethal looking blades at her hips. The boy helped her sit down and said, "Misa, you really shouldnt jump the gun like that. You nearly died." The night elf huffed and responded, " I would of been fine if that ogre hadnt gotten in the way." She blew a strand of her blue hair out of her face before saying, "Besides Maraph, I can take care of myself." The boy sighed and said, "Yes, you can but that doesnt mean you can take on an entire army by yourself. There's no shame in needing help. Now sit still. I need to heal that cut." Misa sat still and felt her already light purple cheeks flush slightly as she felt Maraphs hand go onto her abdomen, right underneath her chest. Maraph, not being the best healer but enough to fix a superficial wound like that focused his energies and sent then to the cut which closed up quickly without a trace. "There" he said, standing up, "Now just stay still for awhile. I may have been able to heal it but its going to be sore for about an hour. Stay here as I get us something to eat."

Maraph walked away from his friend, who happened to be the only girl he could talk to without stuttering, before she could protest and asked the bartender for a plate of rare steak, a salad and two cups of herbal tea. He payed the required amunt and went back to the table and said before Misa could ask, "No, I didnt order any alchohol for you. Resting doesnt require you to be drunk." Misa stuck her tongue out at the boy, man really seeing as how he was cursed to forever look like a seventeen year old while he ages internally, and said, "Fine." She leaned back in her cahir and looked around the tavern while Maraph simply pulled a small tome out of his satchel and began to read while they waited for thier food and drinks.
Alvarah was walking through Booty Bay casually with her staff over her shoulder, a mini keg hanging on one side. She has recently graduated to the rank of a Brown Belt with her Pandaren master. Right now she was just traveling, trying to avoid the stress of the war for as long as she could. Seeing as how it was becoming dark she walked to a goblin bruiser and asked him "Excuse me, where is a tavern I can stay a night in?"

The goblin looked at her and said "There's one just down this walkway." He pointed off and them continued about whatever it was he did.

"Thanks" she said as she followed the walkway and came to the tavern just in time to see another night elf and a human go inside. "Guess its ok" she shrugged as she walked inside. Turning slightly to allow her staff to fit in the door. A quick glance around was all she needed before spotting the night elf and human again and decided to sit with them. She walked over and placed her staff down, rolling her shoulders mini keg on the floor. "Hello, what brings you two here?" She asked.
A high pitched scream followed by a loud metallic crash could be heard from outside. About 20 minutes later, the door to the tavern crept open. A young gnome hobbled in covered in cuts and scrapes. Her hot pink hair was rough and disheveled. One of her pigtails had come loose and now fell over her shoulders. She pulled the band off of the other one and allowed her hair to hang loose, then looked up at any onlookers and smiled slightly.

"...My mechanostrider malfunctioned," was her quick explanation.

She made her way to the bar, clambered onto a stool and politely asked for a jug of the strongest whiskey they had. Once served, instead of drinking it, she pulled a small rag out of her pocket, dipped it in the brew and began to disinfect her injuries, humming to herself as she did so.
Rêvan jerked upright at the sound of a screaming outside. having dozed off he looks back at the door to see bright pink bob through the mist of the now crowded tavern and plop down on the stool next to him. oh man had he seen it all tonight. first a stupid night elf death knight throwing a book at a tauren, then a worgen casually shift in broad daylight among a blood thirsty human that put an orc to shame, a human fall out of her chair and finally to top the cake a smallish child was sitting next to him dabbing a cloth in whiskey... the same whiskey he had ordered hours before... disgusted he let out a disgruntled snort and reached across the bar and poured himself a tall tankard of whiskey that only a dwarf would appreciate. oh how the dwarves knew how to keep company... even if they were a bit on the racist side. he set down his tankard and slowly turned to the childish figure. with a slow unsure voice of the Gnomish language he said to the small person, "ya not be scared off like da rest of da human chicken's that seem to tink me a monsta?" picking up his tankard to clear his throat while he waited for the response.

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