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Twily looked up from dabbing at a wound at her knee at the death knight before her and offered a friendly smile. "Hehe, no. You seemed friendly enough. And our first exchanges didn't involve a gnome-punting joke at my expense, so it seems that my hypothesis was proven true." She returned her attention to her wound and hissed at the sting of the whiskey against raw skin. "Due to recent events, it seems that my departure for Stormwind is going to be delayed for an extended period until I am able complete the repairs to my mechanostrider. Given the circumstances I find it would be most agreeable if I were to create acquaintances with the current residents of this borough in the mean time. Twily Boomtrigger at your service. What's your name?"
"the name be Rêvan or just Rev if ya will." rumbled Rêvan. "i dont quite rememba my last name... with da undeath an all." Rêvan shifted a bit uncomfortably at the word choice that he had used, and picked his tankard up, took a long draft of the whiskey before setting it back down and turning back to the small gnome. "i be trained in goblin engineering if i might be of any service."
The gnome smiled appreciatively to the troll. "I appreciate the offer," said Twily as she finished tending to herself and reached into her pack to pull out some bandages which she began wrapping round the nastier wounds. "Sure, I suppose that's plausible. It would definitely have the thing up and running a lot sooner with an extra hand."

While she didn't exactly trust goblin engineering, she wasn't one to pass up perfectly good help if it would get her to Stormwind sooner. She was in a bit of a hurry. Besides, under her supervision, what's the worst that could happen?

"But that can wait until morning. I'm exhausted," she said as she finished off her final bandage and stretched in her chair. She ordered herself dinner as she waited for a response from the troll.
"well as ya mention it i be havin an extra room that you could take, my clan brotha decided not to show and i be payin for it already, would hate for it ta go ta waste!" smiled Rêvan as he finished off the Tankard of whiskey and poured himself another. while he could tell that the small gnome didnt like the fact that he specialized in goblin engineering, he knew that his specialization was much more refined as he built and worked on an assortment of Flying Machines Mechano Hog Choppers so he felt that a measly Mechano Strider would be no problem at all.
Maraph looked up from his small tome at the voice and immediately clammed up. Despite the woman being dressed appropiately he still found it hard to speak to any woman, except for Misa for some reason. He let out a breath he didnt realize he was holding and stuttered, "H-hello. W-we were jus-just waiting o-on our foo-food." Misa sighed in frustration and said, "Dont mind him. He isnt exactly smooth, as I'm sure you've noticed. I'm Misa and the hormonal teenager is Maraph." Maraphs face turned beat red at that statement and he slunked down in his seat before putting his tome back into his face to avoid further embarresment at the hands of his friend. "Please sit down" she offered the other night elf, "As for why we're here, well he" she said pointing to the now less red faced psuedo-teen, "thought that I couldnt handle myself in a fight against some ogres so he just had to play the hero and 'save' me." Maraph scoffed under his breath which sounded similar to, "You didnt complain when I was healing you." Misa respnded by whacking him over the head with the pommel of one of her knives. He gave a canine-like yelp of pain and held his head. "Why do you always hit me in the head? I'm going to end up with brain trauma" he asked. Misa just sighed again before turning back to her fellow elf and asking, " What about you?"
Twily smiled brightly. "That's very generous of you," she chirped as a hot stew was placed before her. As she turned to enjoy her meal, she found that she was having a bit of a hard time reaching her bowl, even from the stool. She grumbled something about nothing being made with gnomes in mind and stood up on her chair as she began to eat. "You're even kinder than I previously thought. Is there any way I can repay you?"
Alvarah listened as the rather shy human and night elf told their story. The human named Maraph displayed quite the redness of pure embarrassment. It was always harsher from a stranger than from a friend but the two obviously knew each other.

"Ah yes, ogres. Mean bunch, but not too bright. Although when underestimated they can be deadly with how strong they are. She didn't doubt the other night elves skills with a blade, but felt like it was good to add to the discussion.

"As for me." She began "I recently graduated with my brown belt with my master. I have been training hard. I think my favorite technique he taught me is the touch of death. Just one strike that can kill an opponent. The key is you have to know where to hit them. Humans it works best either with the noise or straight in the center of the chest." She realized she was babbling on about something they probably didn't care about so she got herself back on track.

"Anyway, I am simply traveling right now while I await a summons from my master to resume my training." She said with a smile. A little white lie to cover up her true intentions. "So I have a mini-keg of self brewed beer. Could I interest either of you for a glass?" She asked as she took a metal mug from her bag. She placed it down and pulled out two more in case they wanted some, before pouring her mug about half full.
"So I have a mini-keg of self brewed beer. Could I interest either of you for a glass?" As soon as Maraph heard this he stiffened and looked to his traveling partner. The look of absolute glee was evident on her face. "Misa, dont! You remeber the last time you-" he tried to say, but the rogue easily cut him off with another pommel strike to the head. As Maraph let off a canine-like whine of pain she responded to the monk, "Yes please! Oh you have no idea how long its been since I've had a drink! Maraph here is such a priss that whenever we come close to the stuff he detroys it before I can have any." Maraph had finished healing his throbbing head and retorted, "And for good reason. The last time you got drunk you actually flirted with me and nearly killed a dwarf. If I hadn't transformed into a bird he would have died." Misa just sighed in frustration and snapped at him, "He was asking for it!" Maraph gave her a half-lidded look, with his galsses a bit further down on his nose. "And, pray tell" he said in an confused tone, "how one is supposedly asking to be thrown off a cliff after asking you if you happened to have an up to date map."

The young druid then turned to the monk and made sure to not look directly at her so as to not stutter and said, "Please, for my own and everyone else's saftey do not let her drink your brew. She may not seem like it but she's a light weight when it comes to drinking." He them widened his eyes upon a realization and amended himself by saying, "I am sorry. I did not even ask your name." He then quickly added, "As for your offer, no thank you. My race consuming alchohol doesnt tend to end well for either party involved."
"hahaha your praise be but enough my small friend." chuckled Rêvan. Rêvan rummaged through his bag looking for anything he could give the gnome to sit on as she looked a bit on the uncomfortable side just standing there. "A-ha!" Rêvan exclaimed as he found a stack of Netherweave Cloth. he picks Twily up and sets down the cloth as he rests Twily back on top of it as he takes another long draft of his now 3rd tankard of Whiskey
"Oh I doubt a single glass would hurt. Even the lightest of light weights couldn't get drunk off one drink." She said with a smile before pouring the other night elf a mug and pushing it towards her.

"My name is Alvarah, Monk in training." She said with a hearty smile, already figuring out that the young male was a worgen in human form. The clues were obvious enough with him basically out right saying it. She took another drink of he brew and said "So how long have you too been together?"
Lokah, an orc who was secretly a warlock, walked in. Black hair messy and eyes dull, she had obviously not slept in a while. The orc, too tired to start a fight with the alliance, walked up to the bar counter. "Give me anything, keep the change," The orc said as she gave the night elf barkeep gold to pay for her stay. The scars on the orc made it known she has fought before, and will in the future. The orc sat down in an empty booth, but eventually fell asleep.
The Blood Shinobi arrive in the village.

"Kill everyone, Lor'themar commands it." The team leader reminds his men.

The Blood Shinobi wipe the entire village out without much resistance. They then enter the empty blood stained bar and get wasted.

"I'm wasted" A Blood Shinobi says to another. They then high five.
When Misa hears the other Night elf's question she immediately spits out the the drink she had been offered in shock, unfortunately Maraph was in the line of fire. "Gee, thanks" Maraph said sarcasitcally. He grabed his glasses and wiped them off and then said, "I'll be right back. I'm just going to clean up. Please try to behave yourself." He added the last part to Misa by giving here a glare. She smiled sheepishly and said, "Sorry." When Maraph had gone to the washroom she immediately said to the monk, "We're not together. He's just a really good friend is all." She couldnt hide the slight egde in her voice as she said this. "At least until he isnt as dense as golem, thats how its going to stay" she mumbled under her breath thinking that she had only thought this and not realizing she had actually voiced it.
Alvarah was a bit shocked at the reaction then Misa's response made her laugh. "I'm sorry." She said with a chuckle. "I meant how long have you been traveling together. I occasionally mis word things when I speak common." She heard the last part and grinned but decided not to act on it. Sometimes it was better not to get involved in every little thing in someone else's life.

"I really am sorry about that. I did not mean to imply anything." She said honestly as she drank more from her mug. She offered to refill Misa's mug from what she had spit out earlier if she wanted more.
Misa's face immediatley blushed a dark purple as the elf explained herself. 'Great' she thought, 'I made a fool of myself for nothing.' She saw that her table companion was offering to refill her glass and she eagerly accepted. The food that Maraph had ordered finally got to the table and Misa took her salad and placed the rare steak in front of where Maraph was going to come back to sitting. "I wonder whats taking Maraph so lo-" she was interrupted as the washrooms door was flung open and Maraph was thrown out like a human shaped projectile. He landed on the ground with a 'thud' but quickly got up as a large Tauren, easily seven feet tall, in bronze armor and wielding a large mace came out of the bathroom and yelled at the confused teenager in Orcish, "You think you can get away with that and live!?" The tauren then lifted his mace up and intended to sma!@#$ into the boy but the maces momentum was stopped by a stronger force. Looking down the Tauren warrior's eyes grew as big as dinner plates as he saw what he assumed to be a human child easily holding back the mace with one hand. Maraph scratched his head in confusion and said in fluent Orcish, "All I did was ask if you were done with the sink, whats the problem?"

The tauren scowled and replied, "You spoke to me in my kinds native tounge! The only way a human like you could have learned it is that you stole my peoples knowlege!" Maraph then made an, "Ohhhhh" sound and said, "Um I think you have your facts wrong. Firstly, I was taught your language by a Tauren druid and secondly I'm not human." The tauren looked at the boy in confusion, for he wasnt the brightest person and in all honsety was just using this as an excuse to hit someone having been itching for a fight for a few days, but retracted his mace. Maraph sighed in relief thinking that the situation had resolved itself but then the mace swung again sending the boy to the floor near his table. He looked up and said, "Hey Misa" with a grimace. "Maraph!" she yelled, "What did you do?!" The druid just shook his head and said, "I dont know! According to this guy speaking to him in Taur'he(not sure if thats what it is called) justify's hitting me with a mace!" He then looked at the table and saw the food was there. "Oh, the foods here!" he said happily, forgetting about his current situation for a moment. (1/2)
He then heard the Tauren yell at him making the druid cringe as his ears took the vocal assault. The warrior charged at the druid who was still lying on the ground. 'This guy is just annoying now' he thought, rolling his eyes. When the warrior had gotten right above him he swung his legs up and sent a blast of druidic energy out of the soles of his feet and kicked out and over him launching the Tauren out the front door. A second later a loud splash could be heard as the warrior had probably gotten launched into the bay. Getting up Maraph dusted himself off but noticed the multitude of eyes now on him. His face flushed red in embarresment and quickly put a bag of about twenty gold coins on the bar saying, "Th-that should cover th-the da-damages. Sor-sorry". He then went back to his table where Misa was glaring at him. "What!?" he asked, "It wasnt my fault!"
The Blood Shinobi laugh at Alvarah as she offers a mug to a dead body.

"She must be mad..Hic!" A Blood Shinobi says to another. They begin to laugh as Alvarah waits for the limp body to grip the mug.
((You guys should think about opening a closed RP if you only want certain events and certain characters. Your characters are dead and need to be resurrected and the ninjas need to be dealt with. Learn to RP lol))
((Mr Shinobi, as far as i know, god-modding is severely frowned upon in most role plays, and I believe that slaughtering 10 fully armored roleplayers would count as god modding. I believe the other people were simply ignoring you, rather than fueling your impossibly powerful miniature army by fighting back.))

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