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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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HenryEV jumped out of his seat and was about to draw his weapon, when we realized that based on the situation, including the Tauren's lack of ability to communicate his motives, the Tauren started the fight, and Maraph was relatively innocent. He then spoke to Maraph "I don't blame you, but you better watch yourself. lots of people loyal to the horde would love an excuse to attack a member of the alliance. For example, look at that Bloodshinobi guy over there muttering something about finishing us off, and swinging around what's left of an empty bottle." HenryEV turns back around goes back to minding his own business.
Snapping back to reality after a drunken hallucination the Blood Elf only known as Blood Shinobi readied his daggers. Still very drunk Blood Shinobi was sent into a blood rage after witnessing the assault on the Tauren warrior.

Not knowing or caring about why the Worgen druid launched the Tauren warrior out of the bar. Blood Shinobi launched an attack on the druid named Maraph. Severing Maraph from his hands and feet. Maraph flopped around on the floor like a fish as he screamed out in pain.

"Lets see those energy blasts now" Blood Shinobi said with a grin.
(That's godmodding, what I recommend you do, is either 1. stop, 2. leave the rp, or 3. don't dictate what happens to other players, just say something like you draw your weapon, and swing it at them. That way, we you can still fight people, but you won't be godmodding.)
The Blood Shinobi then throw Marah in a giant sac and begin to drag him outside.
"What is he doing?" Neltriz remarked at a very drunken blood elf, who at the moment was swinging an empty sack around and pointing his daggers vaguely in the direction of the form-frozen druid.
Twily smiled gratefully at the kind troll but was distracted by the crazed blood elf who seemed to have had one too many shots.

"I think he's suffering from alcohol poisoning," said the young gnome to the worgen. "Maybe we should call a medic. He doesn't look so good."
Henryev chuckled and said "I agree. He seems to be imagining killing us all. Keep an eye on him, he may not be getting anyone now, but that can change at any time."
The Blood Shinobi then throw Neltriz, Twily and HenryEV into the giant sac.

Snapping back to reality after another drunken hallucination the Blood Elf only known as Blood Shinobi yells "Another shot barkeep! Something stronger this time..Hic!"
After hearing his name when bloodshinobi was hallucinating, HenryEV yells "I think you've had enough!" However, his suggestion was entirely ignored. "I just hope he passes out soon," HenryEV continued.
Twily shakes her head, then looks to the bartender. "You're not honestly considering giving him another shot, are you?" She asks as she spoons a mouthful of stew into her mouth and swallows. "His brain is already on a rocket to the moon."
Rêvan pulls a Goblin Rocket Gun from his bag and whacks the blood elf over the head hoping that it would knock him out long enough to tie him down.
Alvarah was a bit shocked when the worgen was attacked by a tauren. Thankfully he handled himself well enough and removed the tauren from the tavern completely. "Nice, not many could deal with an enraged tauren after being hit off guard like that." She commented before finishing off her drink, ignoring the drunk blood elf at the bar and the gnome and troll. She reached her staff and held it horizontally in front of her. "This staff was a gift from my master. It is quite unique. To most it looks like ordinary bamboo, but watch this." She said as she twisted the bamboo staff in the middle. She then pulled it in half revealing a sword coming from each half.

"I fight better with two weapons. My master and I forged these ourselves." She said before she returned them to each other and they looked like a simple bamboo staff again. "If that tauren comes back in I will deal with him.

Changing the subject she decided to ask them something else. "So when did you two meet?"
Blood Shinobi slams back the new shot as he is bonked by the Goblin Rocket Gun. "Now that has a kick!..Hic!" He says with a dazed look in his eye.

Blood Shinobi's eyes then become fixed on Alvarah's staff as he overhears her story. "What an interesting weapon. She wouldn't mind if I borrowed it..Permanently." He thought to himself.

Blood Shinobi stumbles over to Alvarah's table. "IS THAT ILLIDAN?!..Hic" He exclaims as points behind her. Blood Shinobi then grabs Alvarah's staff as he throws down a smoke bomb.
HenryEV jumps up at the sight of a smoke bomb, and immediately draws his axe. From what he saw, Bloodshinobi was doing something, and the smoke bomb was to hide the proof. HenryEV proceeds to send a shockwave in the directing where bloodshinobi last was, in the hope of stunning him on the spot. "I hope this guy doesn't fight as good as he pretends to in his hallucinations!" HenryEV shouted. He stood his ground, readied himself for what he hoped to be anything, and waited for the smoke to clear.
Ambassador Birmak and his twin brother/bodyguard Daij entered the tavern. The were both Pandaren that had elected to join the Horde for two reasons. First, they loved a good fight. Second, they were part of a secret cult that worshipped the Thunder King and wouldn't be accepted into the Alliance society. Birmak was a Shaman, a healer. He wore an elaborate red robe, red being his favorite color and signature mark of the Horde. Under his robe he wore thick leather armor. His sword was hidden in the folds of his robe, his shield on his back, hidden by the robe like his armor. Daij, on the other hand, was a Warrior. He wasn't ashamed of his 5-foot long spear on his back or the twin blades he had strapped to his sides. He wore heavy plate armor that, surprisingly, made no noise at all. He was ready for a fight at any time and wanted everybody to know it. And by the look of the tavern when they walked in, they were just in time for some fun. They decided to hang back by the door to see if the rising tensions would lead to any bloodshed.
A young mage, still in training despite being skilled with fire, walked in. Wearing a beautiful woolen red, gold, and brown shirt with a matching belt and light blue silken pants, while she blinked in, passing through the door, she made quite an entrance. The mage's hair was surprisingly short for a pandaren female, her bangs only reaching just below the edges of her mouth. "Do you have Dalaran White?" Qiau asked politely, she seemed to be neutral, only going with the horde because the alliance took them prisoner, not knowing the past of them at all. Qiau looked back at the pandarens who obviously, at least to her, wanted to start a fight. Just in case, in a flash of arcane, she mage had on her battle armor. Her shirt became white and an azure silk vest apeared on her. Heavy woolen gloves, white and gold colored bracers, green shoulders, shoes known as Corpse Rompers, and, to top it all off, a wooden staff with a blue orb on the end.

Qiau took a seat at a booth, her battle armor remained on. The pandaren took out what seemed to be a vest she was working on. The cloth vest was surprisingly tough, having elemental earth in it. Qiau, who was actually not only a mage, but also a tailor, finished the vest. "Wow..." She muttered, that was the hardest project she made yet! Qiau carefully folded up the vest and put it in her woolen bag.
Rêvan looked at Twily and said, "if you'll be excusin me for a second i'll be right back". Rêvan grimaced and locked on to the crazy blood elf and cast Chain of Ice on him to lock him in place while the undeads' shockwave stunned him. Rêvan walked out and came back with so larger than normal Booty Bay Bruiser's and the Horde Flight master and his 2 Wyverns as he took two chains and clamped one on each Wyvern and went to clamp them on the blood elf. "Don't even tink about vanishing ya magic addicted toad. i'll wring ya neck and have des' Wyverns pull you limb from limb!" Rêvan said with a grimace.
Blood Shinobi drops the staff as he is hit by HenryEV shockwave. Stunned but still concealed by the smoke he notices Rêvan casting his chain of ice spell. Blood Shinobi thinking quick preforms his vanish while leaving a decoy behind. "The staff was almost mine! Damn them!" Blood Shinobi thought to himself.

Blood Shinobi watches from the shadows as Rêvan and the bruisers enter the smoke aimed at the decoy. Noticing that HenryEV is the only one blocking his path of escape Blood Shinobi readies his daggers. Using his shadow step Blood Shinobi ambushes HenryEV from behind.
Maraph chuckled and said, "Thats alright. I dont think he's coming back here anytime soon." Maraph didnt say this because he was sure that he had scared off the warrior but because he could hear the sound of the wooden cugdels used by the goblin bruisers that patroled the area hitting on a metal covered object that was grunting in pain. He couldnt help but flinch as he heard what he assumed was a strike in a sensitive area as he heard a pitch sqeal come from around the corner. "Ouch, thats gotta hurt" he mumbled under his breath as he began to eat his meal. Misa, not distracted by Maraph's musings responded to the question asked, "We met about two years ago. His druid teacher teaches my brother also and we met through him." Maraph grunted and mumbled, "Doesnt change the fact that I want to tear out his racist throat." Misa just sighed and began to eat her salad.
HenryEV gets hit and knocked on the ground from Bloodshinobi's ambush from behind. HenryEV proceeds to cast avatar, making himself temporarily a lot bigger, and stronger. He turns around so he is facing Bloodshinobi, and begins to speak. "Stand down, and we can avoid bloodshed, and we can both go on our way," he offers.

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