The Box Social

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Love was in the air, and various other places it appeared. The Presidium had been flooded with kittens after Faithe was kidnapped and held in Orgrimmar. They had rescued her, but Snow, her kitten, had somehow been left behind. Various friends, known and unknown, had sent kittens to soften her sorrow. The result had been a population explosion of cats.

Pregnant cats, the gift that keeps on giving.

Gentyl gave away as many as she could to loving homes. She gave away so many people started running the other way when they saw her approaching with a cat carrier. It had left only one option. She hired the AAMS, the Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service, to deliver kittens to the horde. She also hired an enchanter so the kittens couldn't be eaten, since that was a very real possibility. So, the enchanted white kittens made their way to the horde and the AAMS wandered around saying, "Hello, would you like a free white kitten?" Eventually word got out and the AAMS couriers had to scream, "I don't have any kittens!" to get close enough to deliver other messages and packages to client.

It wasn't quite that drastic now, but it was time to find homes for some of the pets who were overflowing the stables, coops, ponds and pastures. Hearthglen was rapidly turning into Hearthpen.

It was also time for another box social. This time it was the men's turn. Even though Gentyl was happily married, she would show up for the event and hopefully buy a lunch prepared by some unknown donor. They would have a pleasant lunch and she might acquire a new pet she didn't have before.

When the word got out Pia Presidium was donating pets to be given away with the donated lunches, they were flooded with even more pets to help the event. Some of them were quite nice and she was drooling over the sunstone panther Crowelf had donated and Chromius who had been sent by Qctavian.

If all went well, they would have a nice social event. People would meet new people. Pets would find loving homes and maybe, just maybe, two people would meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. Or, possibly, just fall in like and that was good, too.

It was Saturday at last. The auction was this afternoon at 4 in the Argent arena. The pets had been bathed and groomed. Someone had even managed to give Broodin a bath and the druid was now sulking in the rafters, hissing at everyone who walked by.

New squires had been pressed into service for the pet patrol. Luckily they had not lost any, which was a testament to their fortitude. Pia had a promising crop of knights coming up it seemed.

((Roleplay on Cenerion Circle. Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime. A link to how the event works in case other servers would like to try it.

I posted this in the CC recruiting thread, but I thought I'd make a separate post and throw this idea out to other roleplay servers. This is a really fun event even for people who aren't donating or buying lunches. I laughed harder than I've laughed in a long time at the latest one.))
Derscha, the CEO of the AAMS Anywhere Anytime Messenger Service showed up well ahead of the beginning of the auction. Gentyl was a bit concerned that there weren't many lunches on the table yet, but some of them looked very tempting. She liked the metal one with the contraption on the side. She'd have to bid on it, just to see what the box was. Behind the table were several cages with various animals that went with the lunches. Hmm, she looked at a whelpling she didn't have. Yes, she'd be bidding on that lunch as well.

Luckily, her husband, The Commander. wasn't the jealous sort. His idea of helping defend her honor was to hold her drink while she knocked the stuffing out of the knave who had offended her. He understood the auction was for a good cause even if he steadfastly refused to make a lunch or participate in the auction. He had some wonderful excuse about checking on the front, which was where he always disappeared to when she wanted him to do something social.

She bid on the lovely metal box with the contraption which also came with a wonderful pet she didn't have. Aziriel and Kyalin doubled up against her and outbid her badly. Aziriel, the starving feral druid, only wanted the food while Kyalin wanted the box. Gentyl found out later it actually kept food cold and could be used as a grill. What remarkable engineering!

The auction was almost over and there was one lunch left that was placed behind a large crate. Derscha held it up delicately, as far away from her as she could. That wasn't very far being Derscha was a minute gnome.

Broodin! What the fel was that idiot cat thinking? No one would want a lunch of bloody, raw and possibly still wriggling fish.

The burlap bag was blood-soaked with fishtails sticking out the top. Beside it was another bag that was still wriggling Behind it was the whelpling Gentyl had been eying. She really didn't want a bag of bloody fish or whatever was still alive in the other bag, but she desired that whelpling very much.

Others wanted it also and Gentyl's heart sank as the price went over her limit. It was that blooming druid Aziriel again. "How the heck does a cat make so much money?" she huffed.

Aziriel turned and looked at her. "Stocks and bonds."

"I see. I suppose I'll have to get you to show me how to make money with stocks and bonds."

Aziriel nodded and returned her attention back to the auction. Her tongue swiped across her lip in anticipation. "Simple. You put people in stocks and then bonds and people pay to get them out. I like putting them in bonds best. So much yelling."

The woman bidding against Aziriel hesitated when the druid growled at her and then lowered her hand, thinking better of bidding again. Derscha gratefully dropped the bag and opened the other one. Hmmm, it was a very much alive and very perturbed nether ray.

Aziriel plowed into the bag and fish and then sauntered back with the nether ray and whelping. "Broodin gave dessert also. Aziriel happy cat."

"Well, actually, those are pets. You're not supposed to eat them."

Aziriel looked around at her other lunches she had won and the owners who were supposed to dine with her. Galahn, the usually fearless dwarf backed up a step. "Thanks for this, Gentyl. So many new manslaves."

"Umm, no, Aziriel. You didn't buy the men. Just the lunches, pets and lunch with the men."

"Phffft, why would I pay so much for lunch? Manslave! Come here!"

Galahn bolted, screaming like a banshee. "Gentyl, tell her. Tell her!"

"Come back, manslave!"

Gentyl did the only thing she could think of and yelled after the retreating pair. "It's for a good cause, Galahn. Thank you for participating."

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