[A] Indecent Exposure 13/13H 10man LF Tank

Indecent Exposure is a semi-hardcore guild on Proudmoore made up of long time raiders with progression in mind. We are a late night 10m striving to push heroic content at our own pace with a competitive and fun attitude.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 9pm - 12am PST
Wednesday 9pm - 12am PST
Thursday 9pm - 12am PST

We may schedule additional raid nights during progression.

Current recruitment needs are as followed:
Looking for a new tank no pallys please.

We ask that you please at least have ilvl 520 as we are pushing heroics and can't really gear up anyone at this point.

Always looking for excellent players of any kind to recruit and rotate into main group.

Any questions please contact Rennexx, Berianther, Downpouring (or anyone else from guild really as we're all pretty close) in game, or add me on battletag Enemyz#1188. Apply at our website at www.indecentexposurepm.enjin.com

6/6H 3/6H 1/4H T14
13/13 Heroic T15
Bump we still are looking.
what about a restro druid with a kitty os.
or a frost/blood dk
^^ looking for mage + rogue atm.
Bump for 9/16 2 bosses down in one week! Hopefully Amber will join them. :)
Still looking for that Rogue/Mage to fill out our roaster. COME ON DOWN. 9/16 H for 9 hours a week starting on christmas week, a month and a bit ago not bad I say.
Still looking wipe on 10% Lei Sha on first night attempts not bad should get it tomorrow!
Still looking for mage, rogue! Any other good players feel free to app as well.
Bump for Lei Shi Downed!
Bumping this up for 5.2 we still need a rogue and mage!
4/12 currently still recruting an experianced mage that can come in now for a core spot.
Bumping this up!
9/12 now still are looking for a mage.
11/12 still looking for that special mage app!
Any need for a 502 WW Monk? Looking to do a server transfer. Thanks.
Sorry only recruiting a mage currently also updated progression I've been slacking.
no hmongs
To the top we still are looking for a mage you will have a core spot!
Still looking.
need my haste buff

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