[A] Indecent Exposure 13/13H 10man LF Tank

Where the mage apps at!
We have new recruitment needs apply now for a core spot!
Still looking for more!
Bump for heroic Ji-Kun downed
Still looking!
Bump need a Ele shaman, Mage asap! Apply now.
Same as always where da apps at.
2/13 H Guild still needing a Mage Elemental Shaman and Brewmaster Monk with WW offspec come on down and apply.
Ele shaman where are you!
Bump for heroic Horridon!
Bump for Heroic Tortos!
Still looking for an Ele shaman!
Iron Gone!

...and 'dat chain lightning.
Still looking for Ele shaman should get Council down this week!
council downed
bump for 7/13 now.

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