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I've been told that I should avoid Dodge & Parry plate and gear as a Ret pally. Is this indeed the case? I've been doing just that and I've done ok in random heroics. I'm not sure if I'm doing ok because the healers rock or because it's my choice of gear. When doing spot checks with the healers, they say healing is easy. I'm not so sure.

Gearing away from Dodge & Parry goes against everything I've learned about tanking - granted, I'm back after a 4-year break (left right before Cata was released.) When asking why I shouldn't take "tank" plate, I'm told that dodge & parry have such diminishing returns for a Pally - and that Pally gear priorities are completely different than, say, a Deathknight or Warrior.

Reading the Prot Pally guide, looks like I have a bit of reforging to do on the gear tonight, but before I do that, I'll need to choose the gear first. I've gotten just about every item I possibly can from the heroic dungeons, so I have a lot of that "tanky" gear stored in the bank.

Our guild is going to do our first raid tonight and I'm a bit apprehensive concerning the results.

I'd prefer going the "steady" damage route rather than the total mitigation route simply because we have quite a bit more Druid & Monk healers which tend to use more heal-over-time spells and seem to be mana-challenged when I take spike damage.

Lastly, when I reforge this evening, I will be going for a 7.5% to-hit and expertise. After those two stats, I'm a bit confused whether I should go for haste, mastery, or what. I have read the excellent sticky for Prot Pallies on this forum which states values for hit and expertise (7.5%) but have not seen valued for mastery or haste... only several choices with prioritization.

Your help is appreciated.

- R
The first sentence should state PROT Pally, not RET. I'm on my phone making a post and it seems to be "edit challenged".
People tend to exaggerate when they talk about Dodge and Parry being "awful". They're the worst stats you'll find on Strength plate (short of Crit, which of course is 100% useless defensively), but they're not "OMG MUST AVOID AT ALL COSTS" like many claim. It's inevitable that most of your gear will have either Dodge or Parry on it (preferably not both, but occasionally even so) and you will reforge out of them.

If you plan on tanking raids, you will need 15% expertise. There is no real point to 7.5% - it holds no special meaning unless you're attacking from behind, as they changed the way expertise works with MoP to make under 7.5% and over 7.5% have the same value for a tank (meaning, pushing a dodge off the combat table and pushing a parry off the combat table is pretty much the same thing).

Most Paladins just go with Haste over Mastery. There is no real conclusion on which is better defensively, however Haste has a clear advantage in that it is an offensive stat in addition to a defensive one, so you get more bang for your buck. In fact, I haven't seen a very convincing argument to not go with Haste reforging once you meet 7.5% hit/15% exp.
I understand that some gear has either dodge or parry, or both. I suppose a more simplified question is: I usually find two types of plate - tank plate and DPS plate. My biggest question boils down to which to choose if I'm going the tank route.

For example, here are two helms I'm my bank. One is obviously for a DPS plate wearer featuring Strength, Expertise and Haste. The other is a helm which features Stamina, Dodge, and Parry. Depending upon who I ask, one days take the DPS helm, the other says take the Tank helm and reforge out of Dodge. See my confusion?

And thank you for the reply!

- R
Oh, and as a follow-up to the previous post...

I'm doing my dailies, working on my faction rep for the faction gear. They offer two types of plate. Take the DPS plate or take the obvious Tank plate?

And as a completely off-topic discussion, the 1K Valor cap per week is just killin' me. I cap out two days after the reset. Going to take forever to get the grape faction gear... *sigh* Time sink? Why yes, yes it is!

- R
Your stat priority:

Hit/Exp to caps
anything else

Stamina doesn't fall on a linear stat priority because comparing it to damage reduction stats is apples and oranges. It's very useful, but you don't need to stack tons of it unless you're seriously getting trucked on a boss and your healers are stellar (which is unlikely to happen outside of heroic 25's and even then, hasn't been most tanks' experience).

Shameless plug...

Dodge / Parry aren't bad stats. Just avoid Crit on gear - all of it if you can.
go with haste, the 4 piece bonus is not even worth it. once your hit/exp capped gem haste, reforge haste, grab gear that has haste on it. Gear with Haste/mastery will be the best followed by gear with haste/hit haste/exp mastery/hit mastery/exp. dodge and parry are not as useful as haste/mastery so there is no real need to use "tank" gear.
Don't overthink it. Cap hit and exp and then go stack your favorite stat. While hit/exp/haste sims on top for that smoothing metric, hit/exp/avoidance is not that far behind. Don't fall for that binary mindset where stats can only be either best or utter crap.

Proper AM and CD use affects your tanking much more than your gear anyway.
Haste is only better if you play almost perfectly. If your not super comfortable with the paladin rotation, and don't use your holy power generators as soon as their off CD then avoidance will be better for you. Still get hit and expertise caps. But only go haste if your really comfortable playing your paladin.
what chest would you recommend for a newly prot pally gearing up.. Unyielding Bloodplate or Ornate Battleplate of the Master
Depends what you are tanking is my answer.... I tank hero dungeons with on my Prot, with my Ret armor just swap the weapon....
honestly I'll just be tanking heroics, LFR and maybe a MSV pug
02/13/2013 08:10 AMPosted by Mantarr
honestly I'll just be tanking heroics, LFR and maybe a MSV pug

Masterwork Spiritguard Breastplate
Riverbed Chestguard
Hateshatter Chestplate
Canine Commander's Breastplate
Breastplate of Wracking Souls

I would not recommend the purple one's from AH at this time, with 5.2 and drop % boost around the corner...

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