[H:RP] Sunwalker Gathering (2/28/13)

Moon Guard
Time: 7:30 PM Server
Location: Bloodhoof Village
Theme: Tempering

This month's talks will focus on dealing with defeat and steeling yourself against negative emotions with counsel that can be applied ICly and OOCly.

The day's activity will be a small dueling tournament, with the aim to let PvPers help coach others for improvement. Other classes are invited to come to help present a wider range of opponent diversity.

Special Note: By popular request, the time has been adjusted for people on west coast and those with later work hours.
Awh yeah. I can make this one. >:D
:o Our friendly neighborhood seer-man.

Seer what I did there?
I should be able to come
Where all my sunwalkers at? :o

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