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Bleeding Hollow
So I'm looking to xfer one of my toons to this realm. It looks decently populated and seems to have a good H/A ratio. What I want to know is how active the PvP is. I am a 2100+ player on multiple toons and want a fairly active PvP community.


It is a 1/.62 ratio. H/A

It was a 1/.98 when I joined the server just a couple months ago.
We are getting eaten!

I can say the PvP community is pretty active.
Alliance WPvP is meh.
Horde WPvP is happening 24/7 (Blasted Lands portal camping ;P)
I think he was requesting some info in regards to rated PvP, hence the posting of his exp.

You will find a number of guilds on Alliance with different exp. ranging from requirements of nothing all the way to 2200+.

You should fit in just fine as there is much variety in the experience of PvPers, given that the PvP community is in fact relatively big.
Took me an hour to get into the Outlands
It's not H/A

It's A/H

Stupid stupid stupid....
02/15/2013 12:29 AMPosted by Bigpøppa
Took me an hour to get into the Outlands

You made my day.. thank you <3
02/12/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Wïnning
It is a 1/.62 ratio. H/A

Its .61 now and BH is 17th :/ not sure how accurate it is as I dont know how these websites gather this info but it does feel about right the Alliance side feels so much more empty than when I came here in cata was almost a perfect 1/1 back then hopefully we spike back up for 5.2 would be nice to get more people to PvP with....sad days

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