Frost DW Bloodtap Help

Death Knight
I switched to Blood Tap a while back and really enjoy how it plays compared to trying to game the 1 unholy rune.

I do have it macroed to Frost Strike, which does give me a feel for when I can expect to get that Death Rune.

The biggest difference play style wise is I do burn both unholy runes. I'll use obilterate anytime I have an unholy to burn it off (or plague strike if its time) and feel the trade off for getting that runic power and the chance at a free HB is justified.

I'm not a math person at all, but I'll say it plays much easier and smoother than when I was eyeballing that 1 unholy rune and hoping for the RE proc.
Whenever I have a rune depleted and I have 5 or more charges of blood I use them. That simple I believe. And I have it as it's own keybind. I have all my spells keybound as their own hotkey aside from trinket+pillar of frost. Lots of room.
That second unholy rune isn't going to help you that much anyway. I prefer RE for this reason. When using BT I rarely needed to use the unholy rune except for a very small amount of yellow damage which I feel is compensated by the frequency of RE procs.

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