Transmog legacy gear help.

I know there are threads about this but they are very old and i haven't found my answer so maybe you guys can help! So I played a lot of cata pvp and earn a lot of honor and conquest points and bought the gear with my death knight. Well when MoP came out I made a pally and I wanted the cata pvp gear for transmog. Well with the release of MoP the gear can't be seen because of a bug and once Patch 5.2 hits the gear will be sold from a legacy vendor in Dalaran. Since it is legacy gear does this mean I won't be able to transmog it on my pally even though I did a lot of pvp on my death knight in cata? Any help will be appreciated.
you can mog any gear except for gm gear if you have it pretty much and it is your primary armor class
That made no sense and did not answer my question but thank you for the response.
I can get the grand marshal gear on the characters i played in vanilla, but it won't let me get it on characters i didn't play in vanilla, even though i have fos :(
That's what I'm wondering. I really want it for xmog but i could get it once mists hit because it wasn't showing up at the vendors. But I read that in 5.2 it will be back but I don't know if it will let me xmog it.
If its cata pvp gear you are after, once it returns you should be able to xmog it. I think those above were thinking of the GM gear from vanilla which your DK wouldn't be able to xmog unfortunately.
This is the gear I want for my pally.
Thank god. It's my favorite set lol. One of the main reasons I made my pally too.. >,>
02/12/2013 10:06 PMPosted by Galíleo
Thank god. It's my favorite set lol. One of the main reasons I made my pally too.. >,>

Yep. That is a beautiful set. Pallies get some great mogs to choose from.

There is virtually nothign that looks good on my Gnome Mage, lol.

And, who would even bother mogging a Goblin...?
02/12/2013 08:53 PMPosted by Toskosa
rainbow whats up with the rogue?

Old pvp main didn't feel like paying for a 2nd account this expansion so I leveled a new one no legendaries on this one though. Look up alyxxqt same realm for old one.

To the poster above go with t5 the tirisfal regalia and a simple staff best mage look by far even looks good on gnomes. If you want a more alliance feel to it use the merc glad set same model but blue and gold.
Eventually if i get the Holy Warrior set for clearing all dungeons on Gold then that would be my new pally set lol. Every class gets a special animation with their gold medal armor apparently.

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