[A] 3 Friends Looking for Casual/Social Guild


We're three friends that have rerolled onto Stormrage. We all have experience with the game, but thought it would be fun to just get a fresh start on a new server (and we were previously Horde). So... what better place to reroll Alliance than Stormrage, right?

There's a lot of guild spam out there and plenty of level 25 guilds to join for the perks, but we'd really like to join a guild with people we enjoy socializing and playing with. So instead of digging through the Guild Finder, or taking a leap of faith and hoping one of those random invites turned out okay, I thought I might have some luck making a forum post.

A little about us collectively:

  • We're 3 friends who know each other IRL.
  • Two of us have been playing WoW since vanilla, the third has recently picked up the game in the last few months.
  • We mostly enjoy PvE--leveling, dungeons, raiding.
  • What we're looking for:

    Guild Level: 20+

    Guild activity: We would like a minimum of 15 people to be online at basically any given time. We feel that this provides enough people to talk with or quest/dungeon/whatever with while we play. We will mostly be playing in the evenings (between 6 PM and midnight EST).
    While we would like to always have people to socialize and play with online, we also don't want to be a part of a giant "zerg" guild where no one really knows anyone. We feel that 40 people is probably the most that should be online so that guild chat can still feel familiar, and not like trade chat.
    While we level, we would certainly prefer to have other people our level to play with. More importantly, we will be fresh 90's and would like to have players available who still need to run normal dungeons, heroics, and LFR (even if on alts).

    Guild atmosphere: We are all adults and we would prefer to play with adults. We would like to play with friendly, helpful people. We would like drama to be kept to a minimum. And we would prefer that offensive/sexist/racist/etc. jokes be left in trade. That said, we do enjoy laughing and being sarcastic, teasing, and whatnot. A respectful atmosphere is all we're really asking for.

    Guild progression: It's going to be a huge plus that the guild has a good, steady raid group that has at least been able to clear the normal modes in this tier. I don't know that all three of us will be interested in raiding at 90, but I (the author of this post) will likely want to raid. I have extensive experience raiding with heroic-level guilds and would like to be a part of a highly progressive raid group (albeit, I've gone casual and don't want to raid 20 hour weeks anymore). I'm also very interested in challenge modes.

    In any case, I appreciate the time of anyone who stuck it out and read all of that. I tend to be long-winded with things like this.

    And I'm looking forward to hearing from our perfect guild, lol.
    TBH, with the exception of current raid progression groups, <Currently Offline> sounds like a good fit for you. Check out our post in the forums or send me a whisper in game.
    <One Shot> is a small, adult guild that has both a raiding atmosphere and a growing social one. As for the amount of people you are looking to be online around your time frame we do have that. As for keeping drama out of the guild, we do that very well as well. As for our raiding our progression is competitive but you left out what classes and roles you are. We are always looking for talented people and spots open up every so often but without knowing what you are planing to raid as it is hard to say you will or will not be needed.

    If you want more info on <One Shot> check out our website at www.1shot.enjin.com . Feel free to contact me in game if you wish to chat more.

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