5.2 Update: You Can Keep Your Valor!

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I've never been so thankful in my Volatile Life :)
GREAT! I can use it to buy nothing because I won't have the rep yet.

What's wrong with buying the previous tier's gear with justice points? Great way to play catch up with alts.

Look at all the 5.0/5.1 VP gear I won't be buying because who would honestly waste VP on old gear?
So you do me like this, the day AFTER I spent 750 valor on my lock and priest so it won't be wasted just in case the patch was soon? You OWE me my valor back. When do I get it refunded?
Man that saves me a lot of headache. Thanks Blizz.
There was no announced patch date. Bashiok simply said yesterday morning that "we’re targeting the last week of February."

Check out his tweet from today on the subject. :)

02/12/2013 08:02 PMPosted by Fatalfred
Edit: so... patch is not in late feb like was announced? The hell is going on?
this will be very helpful for us late starters.
This Patch just gets better and better WOOOT!!! <3
omg get rid of the weekly cap PLEASE!!! this is ridiculous...waiting 3 weeks just to upgrade 1 piece of gear. Caps in general should be increased...perhaps after the 5.2 drop but the weekly one is foolishly low
i dislike that they give raiders priority and not PvPers i mean if your not gonna convert valor then why convert conquest
Well, after all of the complaining, and crying; they gave the people what they wanted.

That aside; sounds good Blizzard.
There was no announced patch date. Bashiok simply said yesterday morning that "we’re targeting the last week of February."

And now you're not?
I am very grateful for this.

I don't raid. I just don't have enough dedicated time to set aside for that. So I was rather sad about the gear issue and having to raid to get good gear.

This is nice, I can still continue to improve but without having to raid. :)

I'm currently taking a bit of time off of this alt and working on another, but I will be returning to Lingmai.

Thank you.
It's certainly a relief. It removes the feeling of obligation to decide which pieces to upgrade before 5.2 when they'd likely end up getting replaced in the first couple weeks of raiding.
Heh, this does little to counter the fact that no guilds on my server have even cleared Terrace reg yet. I'd xfer if my RL friends weren't here.

That said, I'm not thrilled about this progression model. It feels like to make any substantial progress outside of LFR (which feels more and more like a weekly chore and less and less fun) I've got to be playing a lot. And on DPS, I have to queue with a tank (or better, a healer) and sit around for a queue. Not much has changed there, except that dungeons, outside of valor capping, are largely irrelevant.

I know the complaint was that there wasn't enough to do in Cata, but I think things have gone too far the other way--to do much of anything in any sort of meaningful timeframe, you HAVE to do a lot.

I remember months and months of Kara farming. I don't want to be in HoF and Terrace when 5.2 launches, but that's where I (and many others, I suspect) will be.
Plz take more of my money :D
Thank you kindly, Blizzard!
02/12/2013 08:09 PMPosted by Menacexp
omg get rid of the weekly cap PLEASE!!! this is ridiculous...

If they increased, then the more hardcore players would shoot out the starting gate and get way ahead of the rest of the people.

Having the cap where it is makes it just low enough for those of us that tend to cap every week and just high enough for casuals.

Seems to be fine to me. If you're really waiting 3 weeks to upgrade 1 piece..you're doing it wrong :P
So...I know I'll have nothing to spend my Valor on now :(

For example, I know I will be able to gear up for Heroic T15 progression during T15. I know I will not need gear from faction quartermasters (I'll double check to make sure there's no sexy trinkets).

What am I spending my Valor on? (Upgrading my BiS T14 gear I assume, but then what's the point of no conversion?)
And the qq'ers win again! Sad

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