5.2 Update: You Can Keep Your Valor!

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02/22/2013 08:05 AMPosted by Fligmos

This is exactly why they didn't do it.

Why's that? Because letting players have a choice in how they gear up and how fast is a bad thing? Will there be some players that grind it out in a few days? Yes - there's no doubt about it. However many players don't have 12 hours a day to spend in the game and can't do that. For these players, it keeps the carrot on the stick for them because it's something they can achieve and it doesn't feel like it's so difficult. For these players, gearing up would still take a while, however it won't feel like such a big feat to gear up not only their mains, but also their alts. I really see no downside to it. Why should the majority suffer because the few that are out there that spend all day playing the game?

The downside is that there are players who play for gear. When they get the gear, they stop playing.

It's not a huge feat to gear up anyone. Do LFR consistently and you WILL be geared. Don't listen to all the liars who say they haven't gotten loot in months of LFR.
Looks like I'll have to gear up all over again just to get respect from my WoW peers!
thank you bliz!!!!
Well, I guess it's mixed news isn't it?
Once you have honor gear and start replacing it with BIS conquest stuff, honor points are useless.
Likewise, once you have justice gear and start replacing it with vp items, justice points are fairly worthless too.

For those of us who think raids and dungeons are boring because they are nothing more than choreographed dances, it is -sorta- good news. I get to keep the valor points that I have already earned to purchase halfway decent pve gear. yay.
(Don't you get tired of seeing the "must know the fights" posts in trade? lol)

Personally and your mileage may vary of course, I think the attributes of pvp and pve gear should be merged so that a toon doesn't need to lug around two different armor sets. CP should be given in any and every pvp area (you still don't get any in Tol Barad or Wintergrasp) and pvp gear at the very least should be BIS over pve gear.

Yes i totally get tired of the (must know the fights) posts in trade... I mean how about thoes who have not done the fight, i guess my point is every player has to get to know the fights when they are released... I do not care what people say about watching videos.. yes it helps to get a feel visually of what is going to happen but you still will not really know the fight untill you have run through it a couple of times... I wish all thoes that post this in trade would keep in mind that there are players out there looking to give their first or second run through a serious effort and should be considered for the group especially if playing a dps role, wich we all know its not as critical to "know the fight " as well as lets say a Tanking or Healing role
Thank you blizzard!
My Feedback: Ahem, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Wait, if 5.2 launches on the 26th doesn't that mean we'll only have 2k by launch? Unless you're factoring in the week it launches; but the problem with that is that is that if you have 3k prior to the 26th then you can spend that 3k valor and then cap an additional 1k for that week making a total of 4k.

I was also going to mention CP carrying over but then I remembered the amazing change with how you can catch up with CP late in the season very easily.

-You won't be able to spend valor on new pieces due to the fact that it requires Reputation. The valor you saved is good to go toward discounted (current) items to boost your item level and allow you to more quickly access 480 (LFR) item level. So no, the valor you save isn't there to be spent the first day it goes live, and Blizzard are making that very clear. This is a boon for alts hovering just under 480, and allows a quick catch up on saved valor rather than a slow, 1 item a week grind for the LFR alts.

This is what I'm seeing, and I'm fairly certain it's the plan.

We’d love to hear your feedback

I'd love for my justice points, (which I honestly let stay capped on eight characters) be useful for something other than staying capped. I know there's off sets but I have them. I know there's a fairly useless pet upgrade to green which is... fairly useless. I could buy cataclysm materials for no real reason at all, or I could get BoAs that I'll never use.

Us old buggers need something to spend Justice Points on! So my feedback is... Pandaren and Goblin Battleground mounts! I know it's not much, but it's at least SOMEthing that would make this weary old warcrafter have something to to with Justice (converted to honor of course) for a week at least! But being able to buy stuff and things with Justice would be nice. -More things than stuff, because I have enough stuff.
I agree a cap of 5k would be way better, 3k just sucks, howevwr i do understand the reason for a cap, so yes a 5k cap would be much better.
I still would like a blue confirmation or denial about the valor soft cap for 5.2.
IMO they need to either do that and remove the soft cap and gate getting new gear through rep or make 5.0/5.1 valor items cost Justice Points like they have in previous patches.
Nice to hear
Glad you guys thought it out better, there is a valor cap and I never understood why to convert with a strict cap like that.

I dont plan on hoarding or anything, I just play for fun, doing whatever I feel like it, whenever I feel like it.
Are you not able to daily quest and receive above 1000 valor per week for dungeons and raids, because I have been. When you factor in the dailies and 5 valor for each one, your math changes. Now I do not know how many dailies you will have to do to get to the 3000 cap, probably all of them every day, but I suppose it is possible to reach the cap in time.
I think this is old news sorry.
i think this is so STUPID i don't raid so u just screwed me on getting valor i rather see the jutice and valor to gold and all the feedback is from RAIDERS not the non raiders like myself thanks blizz
Thanks Blizzard!
Thank you Zarhym. I never bother with forums until today I was doing research on this Gorrosh issue for a story I want to write....

As PandaLand was announced I told my boyfriend WOW would screw us over again on the Justice/Valor point BS. Make it a mute point to even other to accumulate them at all.
Once WOW started that conversion, it changed what I do in game. I stopped bothering with heroics and instances. I mean why bother getting all those points for gear when Blizzard is just going to take those points away from us? I have 11 toons and 8 of those are over Level 85. I have only bothered with bringing 4 to level 90.
I do not even bother to raid. I quite raiding right before ICC came out. I think this conversion was tried then too. I never went back into a raid that was in line with my main at the time. (I started playing in 2007)

How about scaling up for once? Take all that Justice and scale it UP to Valor?

Make the points and pretty purple and blue gear BIND TO ACCOUNT!!!

Then nothing could ever be sold (blue or purple) people would have to keep or vendor what they get instead of screwing with the AH market. Or they can just keep the gear put it on an Alt and play even more. Applies to drops only, not crafted recipe gear.

Please take it under advisement at the very least.

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