5.2 Update: You Can Keep Your Valor!

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Thank god for that!
Thank you Blizzard this helps people like me. If only I hadn't converted a lot of my valor already. haha gnomish high four! Peace!
If you're thinking about QQ'ing now because you spent your valor points and now you want them back just stop... go pet a puppy or something.

Hitting the ground on patch day with 3000 valor isn't going to get you anywhere. You won't have the reputation with the new factions to buy the gear you want anyway.

(until enough of you complain about that too?)
This is definitely good news for both my main and alts. Justice is worthless right now and even moreso when the upgrade vendor vanishes so I'm glad valor will remain valor - it will definitely be helpful to my alts who are struggling to get gear with the little time I allocate to them.

I will try to stockpile valor on alts to take advantage of the reduced prices in 5.2 but my main will try using the upgrade guy on the choice bits of high end gear that are not likely to be replaced anytime soon.
While I like this change, I have to ask:

There is a possible 6k of vp of items for me for both specs from the shado pan assault vendor.

So after that what do I spend vp on?

Nu upgrade npc, a 3k cap ......
Merci Blizzard! pretty happy to see i will be able to get this valor gear by the time i will raid out. =)
You broke it when it wasn't, then fixed what you broke.

Downgrade VP, we're used to it. Downgrade the old VP gear, too.

You used to know how to do this. What happened?

They want old content to remain relevant longer.

If you could just go farm up JP to buy every single piece of 5.0/5.1 VP gear in a couple of days, how does the old content stay relevant?

You can still get the VP gear faster. You just can't get it in an afternoon. This gives you incentive to use other paths to getting gear, like the old content.
I feel relieved. I don't have enough time to raid this tier, but I will after 5.2 hits, and I'm thankful that I won't be too behind the gear curve.
farm valor, upgrade as many items as you can...since upgrade item is not gonna be in Patch 5.2

awesome :D
02/12/2013 08:02 PMPosted by Fatalfred
Edit: so... patch is not in late feb like was announced? The hell is going on?

This is why they don't like to tell us anything. People whine and complain that "A CONCRETE AND DEFINITE PLAN THAT WAS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE" changed. People are really dumb.
I realise I'm in the minority here, but is there any chance that those of us who saw the conversion as a chance to get some cool new Heirlooms will be afforded the ability to willingly trade our valor for justice? Like trading honor for justice and vice-versa. I'd love to pop off to a Vp quartermaster every now and again and get myself the funds to help out my baby alts, especially while I'm grinding valor for the Prince but not actually spending any.
Thanks Blizzard! Really good to know you are paying attention to what we want and doing your best to accomodate it :)
Cool, thanks. Game On.
Well I for one am pretty excited that we get to keep our valor!
Thank you so much, Blizz. Good call on this one!! I'm still glad I throw my money at you now. :)
i approve. i dont like hte feeling of feeling like i have to buy something simply to avoid losing valor.

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