Serious raiding 2x/week seeking adults 9/16H

Oceanic Guild Recruitment

This is a brief preface to the guild info below. We raid 2x weekly on a Pacific time schedule, but Fri/Sat evenings which equates to Sat/Sun mornings-afternoons for the Oceanic crew. Consequently I am posting this here to broaden our recruitment pool. For details on what we are looking for, please continue reading below.


Avatar is a 10-player Alliance guild founded in BC to provide serious-minded raiding on a casual schedule. Three expansions later, our focus remains on providing heroic-level end game progression raiding to adults with professional, educational, and relational commitments that make raiding 3+ nights unrealistic, or undesirable.

Raid Schedule
Friday and Saturday nights, 5:15 - 10:00PM Pacific Time (Server time for Suramar)

Suitable Applicants
Consistent with the above description, only adults who truly want to raid on a 2-night a week schedule, expect to have our raid times match for a long time, and want to raid at a serious (Heroic) capacity should consider appling. This is an older guild much high-demands, both raid-wise and personally, and has a strong culture of commitment and self-directedness.

Our Expectations for you

Dedication: We expect our members to be solely committed to our guild and raid agenda. That implied proper preparation for encounters, being on-time, and long-term plans to remain with our raid team.

Self-MotivationWe expect that you push yourself in the game, rigorously and passionately. We are not going to hold your hand. Your self-directedness will determine the player you become.

PersonabilityAs working aged adults, we elect to give 8 hours of our lives, weekly, on Fri/Sat night to enjoy the game and the company of those who we play with. It is crucial that you are socially apt.

CURRENT OPENINGS: We are currently seeking to replace several positions on the team. Since several of our members are willing to swap mains to accommodate new talent, our current options are as follows:

a) Tanking position for Brewmaster, DK, Guardian druid
b) Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin
c) Feral Druid
d) Warlock/Spriest/Boomkin/Mage/Ele Shaman

How to Apply

If the above sounds like what you are interested in, please file an application at the guild website. We encourage you to take the time to read over our founding principles/guild policies before you do so. Website:

Contact Information
Please feel free to contact us on server, or via battletag for further discussion. You may also post questions to this thread if you have any.

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Best wishes,
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