Is it worth it to move my toon here?

I was somewhat planning on moving this toon, but I don't know how worth it, it would be. My current realm is pretty much a ghost town. It's hard to find raid groups for many thing. However, thanks to Oqueue it's easier to find RBG groups. The problem I'm facing with my realm is 1.) the terrible economy everything costs insane amounts of gold 2.) No one to really talk's impossible to find a good arena partner here due to the lack of people. Then I face the problem of the elitists. I'm not a bad player, but since I never took the time to really do anything extreme with any of my toons when this realm was well populated I have no proof that I'm a decent's kind of like on illidan everyone's always asking for 2.2k rated people to group with and I'm here like a chance with me? Then I question how long it'll be until or even if they add cross realm arenas.....opinions?
I moved from a ghost town server as well. I think it was worth it to move here. I love the AH and how everything is a really fair price, I have yet to really do any RBG's while moving here but just seeing how many groups happen makes me want to get motivated to gear up.

I also didnt do to much with gear due to the same reasons as you.
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stay away from these forums and you will prosper.
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stay away from these forums and you will prosper.

^ pretty much

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