487 Resto Sham LF 10m core group

Area 52
As title describes I am a 487 resto sham that is currently looking for a 10m core group spot.
I am available for raiding 2 days/week (will make time for a extra day if need be)

I have current raid xp 6/6msv 2/6hof and I have other raid xp from earlier expansions however,
the most xp from my sham.

My current guild in which I am GM/Raid Leader was successful for a couple of months however,
my core group quickly lost interest in entering HOF.

I would like to continue expanding my XP and prepare for TK progression.

these are just some starter details and I am willing to discuss further if needed.

You can hit me up Skype: Clericsfrost
and we can further discuss more details.

Message me and I should be able to answer right away.

Thanks everyone have a wonderful day
If you're interested in a server transfer you can chat with me about my guild battletag Dagon#1760 Could really use a resto shaman!
Hey Rez, I am the GM of a Guild over on Area 52, I am currently looking for a Shaman for my Core 10 man raid. We Raid on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm-1am Eastern time (same time as Arthas i believe) We are currently 9/16 almost almost 11/16. Wind lord to 30%, Protectors to 7%. On our old server we were 5/7 H fireland, 5/8 H DS, Ranked 3rd on the horde 5th on server. Looking to fill our group for the upcoming 5.2 patch, add me at TheTruth#1590 i also sent you a skype request
<Brutality> lvl 25 (4/6HM)(16/16) 10 man late night raid guild times are 12:30-3:30am Tues,Weds,Thurs morning..Lf one healer pef druid, shaman, pally, monk.. always looking for exceptional dps.. 485 min ilvl

Jazzboy9431@gmail.com(real id)
Hey there, were in current need of a resto shammy for our core grp 6/6msv 3/6 HoF
raid times days are fri/sat 8-11:30pm server (est) hit me up and we can talk more Healztu#1133 thanx

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