Looking for Dedicated PVP for 5.2

Looking for a guild which has members that frequently participate in arena and rbgs. Started this season very late, was extremely casual at the beginning of the expansion, and I am looking for teams for next season.
I have played at 2300 mmr in 3s on my Elemental shaman, and hit 2400 in 5s on him as well. 1700 RBG experience(always focused more on arena). Here is the shaman's armory link with some proof:

Switched to playing my hunter a month or so ago, and really enjoy it. I have had the character since vanilla, where it was used as a twink in the 29, 39, and 49 bracket. Playing a hunter is infinitely easier than playing a shaman so hopefully you will excuse my lack of experience in organized pvp on him.

you are also welcome to add my battletag with any questions or info you may have

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