Cross realm CRAP!

This new cross realm stuff is ok for finding groups and stuff...that is a given....but in no way should someone from another realm be ganking me while I quest! Especially since they are 10 levels above me!
This is frustrating and should not happen! I realize that I am on a pvp server, but I came to this server for alliance domination...not so that someone in a low pop realm could come here and get their rocks off by ganking lowbies!

Then when I get on my main to go and deal with the issue they are gone...

Yeah im
Nah I agree... leveling alts is a pain now, especially for people who don't have friends on other servers that could help out. Places like the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands are just covered in skeletons, and all it is are Horde who think they're so amazing when they take toons that are 10 or 20 levels lower on 3 to 1.

Another big pain is the fact that chat boxes are just clogged with people from other servers who are antagonizing each other... I don't log onto WoW to listen to people complain about stuff and rage at each other constantly.

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